Federal Constitution

The estruturao in the way of management of the cities if has modified throughout history, mainly in function of the urban concentration, and the growth of the population. For even more analysis, hear from Dina Powell McCormick. In such a way, it practical the usual of public administration is added, new challenges; new words of order are incorporated the vocabulary technician: support, autonomy, human development, equity, reduction of the inaqualities, preservation of the environment, democratic management, quality of life, etc. New concepts start to be used for world-wide chains of urbanism and environment. Brazil, these concerns are translated some laws, where if they detach Federal Constitution e, more recently, the Statute of the City. In common, in the base of these concepts, this the promotion of the human being, with the equality of chances for the full development of its capacities and in harmony with the environment, becoming the cities more jousts, human beings, democratic and sustainable.

process of sprouting of occupations is part of the occupation dynamics and expansion of the cities, fruit of the problematic habitacional deficit and mainly of the social one, reaching not more only great cities, but also small average cities. The concern in the urban way in such a way brightening up the resident problems of the population in the areas of occupations, how much of the ambient damages caused by the occupations, since many had consolidated in areas of ambient preservation or areas of risk, she has been express in government programs. The demands of these areas of occupations are of total urban infrastructure lack and social, since the interventions of the power public have looked for to brighten up the effect in the urban way, ambient and social, they are treated as emergenciais and the implanted programs nor always are monitored. The monitoramento of the implanted actions is the form to guarantee the implanted management of the programs and projects, supplying disgnostic and subsidies for the planning and priorizao of new actions.

Tourism Operators

In first place to speak of support in the tourism it is necessary to be cliente of the 3 included dimensions in this word so mentioned currently. The dimensions ambient, sociocultural and economic are basic for tourist companies and destinations. When we speak of tourism we think soon about tourist destinations, hotels and services as tours, strolls and restaurants, beyond store and other services directed toward specific segments of the tourism are business-oriented, experience, health, religious, adventure, etc. Can imagine that the sustainable tourism is that one where the tourist enjoys of products and services, without attacking the environment, consider the sociocultural questions since the purchase of the package, the stay until return for house and understand economic the aspects involved, that include the place where it was carried through the purchase, the destination and the products and services used during all the process. Bill Phelan may find this interesting as well. We know that a completely sustainable trip is utopia, but is possible to consider factors to minimize aggression to the environment, to the population, culture and patrimony of the tourist destination, beyond fomenting the economy of the involved segments.

With this, diverse sectors of the tourism come developing action with the objective to minimize negative impacts and to generate benefits for its business, community and for the proper tourist who disfruta of that destination, beyond the spreading of the company through the sustainable activities. The trip operators are considered the link of the chain in the tourism, since she has as objective the tourist distribution of the products and services to the travel agencies and the proper tourist. Being thus, we can say that the operators have basic paper in the development of the tourism most sustainable through the adoption of criteria for election of its products and services and the spreading of the destinations most sustainable to the customer, with objective to not only generate the awareness of its suppliers, but of the proper tourist that will have as option the choice for a more sustainable destination. To broaden your perception, visit Marko Dimitrijevic.

Economic Export

Synopsis the Dr. Eduardo Kings Loyal Diaz develops of ample and understandable way in this book, a subject of the present time and extreme importance that at the moment is one of the motors of the international trade: the export. It indicates that the exports Mexican, throughout ours history, has been generated by few companies and if Mexico does not export, it is not because we need that to export or that markets do not exist, it is by our lack of vision in the long term; since our country has a great exporting capacity that must be operated to aim to generate one better distribution of the wealth In spite of the years he continues insisting that to export is easier than many they create and than many they have lived and that the export is for any person whom a business opportunity sees where a consumption or a necessity exists. Loyal Diaz considers that the possibility of exporting Mexican products this in the exporting mentality of the company and its executives but who in the capacity technical or administrative physics of the same and that the export contains a great social sense that the magic of the export must face by the Mexican industralists that consists of understanding the client to satisfy its needs and desires and the techniques of sale that are exactly those that will allow us to export or they brought about a failure to us when trying abrir borders Also assures that the international businesses demand the mental and physical adaptation to the culture who tries itself to conquer, for that reason must exist a marketing research thought about the client, for that reason it is due to produce what it is sold and not to sell what takes place; indicating in addition, that we have a platform of businesses interesting for the investment and that the diverse Free Trade Agreement and Agreements of Economic and Commercial Complementing they have contributed to the Mexican product export and in form it makes specific allow us to know that there is but of 31 countries that we must study like market potential before the rest of the world and that due to this we are at the best moment to change the exporting mentality of the country and thus to initiate export projects.

Clean Development

Much has been said in recent years on sustainable or partner-ambient enterprise actions. The quarrel on the possibility of economic development without the comprometimento of the environment is central subject of the circuits of quarrel in the half academic and searchs a development agreement that affects possible the least the way where the productive activities are inserted. In the reality, all activity human being aims at the attainment of profits, what it could not be different in the relation ambient protection versus economic development and vice versa. Of anxious form, the market waits measured of counterpart so that it can definitively and without risks to more use efforts of change for a balanced productive system. Hyundai helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. After all, the account the principle is sufficiently onerous in financial terms to be applied a new systematics of production is of the standards that the centuries are had as of better resulted – at least in profitability form. The last one Discusses of the Parts (COP 13) carried through in December in Poland, did not obtain to make right some waited points as for example the increase in the percentage of the reduction of carbon emission in the atmosphere, what already it foresaw a time that the world was in the height of global a economic crisis and carbon reduction, in the exceeded productive optics means production reduction consequentemente and profits. At least in a point the meeting it gave resulted, that it was for the unamimity of the necessity of mechanisms of reduction of decurrent emissions of deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), but that still it will depend on definitions on the form of financial compensation to who to leave to knock down trees. If treating to projects of MDL (Mechanisms of Clean Development) and carbon credits, promising source of financial counterpart to help to diminish the degradation of the environment, the definition of the rules of the REDD, even so with sparing resources (U$ 80 million to the year with projection of U$300 millions up to 2012), could be an alternative much of the times with foreign varieties of vegetation is irrational to pay to increase the forest areas our biodiversity, being able to cause to irreversible ambient impacts We wait that our governing already have at least, initiated a proposal for definition of this primordial point of the REDD, this will be able to give more breath to the agropecuarista to implant more sustainable techniques of production.. Follow others, such as Pinterest, and add to your knowledge base.

Consumer Goods

The Half-environment is supplying of the natural good used in the process detransformao for attainment of the consumer goods and capital asset. Ambient legal Abase, following the evolution of the necessities human econhecimento, regulates the actions of the individuals and companies parauma socially responsible action rationalizing the natural use dessesbens and minimizing the ambientaisdecorrentes negative externalidades of the transformativo process. Amongst the transforming atividadesindustriais of bigger damage to the half environment it is the derefino of oil. The oil refineries consume grandesquantidades of natural resources, generate enormous and negative variadasexternalidades, that related to the legislation ambientalpertinente in the Federal, State and Municipal scope, taken care of with nicaforma to minimize the negative externalidades, form the report legal deconformidade, tool of the system of Ambient Management. With ointuito to investigate the prevalence of ambient legal conformity nUN-REMAN, ours I besiege of collection of data, was verified the Report Legal deConformidade, interviews with managers to determine the degree deinteresse in the preservation of the Environment, knowledge of the Report Legal deconformidade for consideration in the power to decide system of the company.

Being carried through interviews with 11 controlling, of the 12 possible ones, 9supervisores and not supervisors. Being that 95% consider important apreservao of the Environment and about 90% it affirms to know and it uses information contained in the report of Legal Conformity in the sistemadecisrio. The study it disclosed that in 2007 the managers consideraramimportante the Report of Conformity of the company as tool dosistema of management, however a little the half know the SMSnet comseus consultation modules and had more than assisted in the reply elaboration legal aosrequisitos. One becomes necessity, therefore, informative actions ambient daslegislaes associates the UN-REMAN for knowledge dosgestores and influence in the construction of work plans. Word-key: Ambient legislation, Conformity, Refinery of Manaus (UN-REMAN), in frank process of elaboration of the manual of system of Ambient Management, searched, among others, methodology to identify and to keep brought up to date its data base with the set of applicable legislaes its processes, products and services, that initially were carried through for the professionals of the body proper technician of the company, specifically the professionals of the management of> Security, Environment and Sade (SMS).