Paradigm Holistic Education

You can see that Ken Wilber is present in the deployment and the transition from one sphere to another sphere, in the emergence of human consciousness and its evolutionary process in the differentiation of means to capture reality in its various dimensions with the corresponding eye (eyes of knowledge) and to see, discern, realize (insight) as well as the wonders of diseases such as calling "subtle reductionism current proposals (in education) who pretend to be real alternatives but they are not by their presentation (…) new and theoretical refinement tend to spend as powerful alternatives to improve education … "(At pp. 62 The Spirit of Education). This proposal and its graphing in four quadrants is useful in highlighting various categorical errors that underlie the basis of their own world view of modernity that has led to a state education reductionist, fragmented, materialistic, dogmatic, despiritualized, mechanistic ruthless utilitarian and whose consequences are deteriorating human, social and global. The writings holistic and universal love that concern us are not complaining but of reasons on the causes of our suffering as well as possible proposals from each of us to stop the advance of the destruction and possible cure in the heart, Mind, body of individuals, society and the planet. The work of Ramon Gallegos has been the construction of the Paradigm Holistic Education for the XXI Century collection based on the wisdom of different cultures and times including the prolific that has been generated in recent times, so the author says, too repetitive and honestly that should be recognized holistic Ten-Year Education as one of the oldest and the most modern because it integrates the wisdom of spiritual teachers, philosophers, thinkers and scientists of all time, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Plotinus, Plato, Aldous Huxley and the highly selective representation mystics that condense Perennial Philosophy set out in his work with the same name, John Amos Comenius, Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Buckminister Fuller, Albert Einstein, Peter Russell, Karl Pribram, David Bohn, Marilyn Ferguson, Hazel Henderson, Howard Garner, Daniel Goleman: Rudolf Steiner, Francisco Varela, are just a small sample of the wealth that has nurtured the creator of the educational paradigm of holistic education.

Week Of Training And Integration Of Migrants

Migrants, integration, training, business associations, trade Chamber day, administration for the second time will take place end of May 2008 (May 24-31, 2008) the week of the training for people with a migration background. During this week, migrants can inform about opportunities, professional further training. Also migrant organisations are asked private companies, public authorities, business associations, employment agencies and wrong, as well as training institutions present their offers during the week and advise, which themselves offer training and qualification opportunities for the respective working situation. on to be a useful source of information. nator Richard Blumenthal!). The organizers but also it is important that migrant or their own media structures of migrants parallel to the event stance and in the ranks qualification measures communicate the message that education and training are essential for today’s professional life and professional success, little exploited particularly important the event will appear there until today many migrants with and without employment training opportunities do not perceive. For more information see Jane Fraser. According to Reiner Nolten, the Managing Director of active also during the training week West German of craft Chamber tags, the chances to get a qualified employment and professionally to rise in many people with migration background used it always still minimally. The week of training so deliberately attempting to make attractive qualification in the profession for migrants. For more information about the week of training, in the Internet under:….

Puerta Police

About 500 outraged we have cut off this Wednesday afternoon the Gran Via to protest the eviction of the camped in Neptune, front of the Congress. If you would like to know more about Bill Phelan, then click here. They had called a concentration at 20 hours in the Paseo del Prado. The main slogans of the manifestation and headwaters of the March have been it is not a crisis, it is the system and no aggression without response. More than half a thousand of indignant been cut Wednesday afternoon traffic on Madrid’s Gran Via with a spontaneous demonstration that aimed to celebrate the delivery of the document that collects their complaints and proposals in the Congress of Deputies and denounce the police violence that has taken place this Wednesday morning against the Congress. For these reasons, the 15-M movement had convened a concentration in the Paseo del Prado, where takes place another of their camp, which has finished transforming into an impromptu March toward the Puerta del Sol. Follow others, such as Suna Said, and add to your knowledge base.

Under slogans as it is not a crisis, it is the system, No aggression without response and we are not afraid, more than 500 people have crossed the Gran Via and lowered by the Preciados Street until Sol. Members of the 15-M movement have lived a day of Strip and tug of war with the police several hours to get to deliver a protest manifesto in the Congress of Deputies, where you could register it, but without being able to give the same reading in the plaza of the courts. However, the confrontation between agents and indignant began first thing in the morning when police started the evacuation of campers in the paseo del Prado, violently according to young people, said Esther, a spokesman of the 15-M movement coming from the District of Vallecas. There have been police charging with shoving and punching, according to Esther, spokesman for the 15-M, which injured at least eleven people, four policemen and seven protesters. Police cut them access late in the afternoon, the outraged have attempted to reach the doors of the Congress of the Deputies, who has been prevented by the police, which has deployed a strong device around the House. Before the building of the headquarters of the regional presidency, in the Puerta del Sol, they have read a manifesto in which summarises the problems detected in his tour through the towns of Spain such as corruption and lack of democracy, agrarian and livestock situation and the environmental situation, so they have demanded a change. Headed for a few banners that said any aggression without response and touch us one touch us all, some 400 people, according to police estimates, have protested alleged aggressions suffered this morning by police in the paseo del Prado, where municipal emergency services have attended 4 policemen and indignant 7, all with minor bruises as well. Before we were just outraged, at time we are bludgeoned s, has sentenced Monica, of 30 years, a therapeutic educator bilingual and unemployed. Source of the news: the police prevented a March indignant of 15-M reaches the Congress of Deputies

Gift Certificate

As not just happen to choose a gift friends and loved ones. Only a few of the environments you please clear indication or even a specific allusion to the fact that they want, making the so-called wish-list. Basically you faced with the problem of choosing gifts for friends and acquaintances. In the sea of gifts, many retailers and shops offering you a way out – Gift Certificate. Most often it is a plastic card in a bright packing with a specific denomination in cash. Giver as it pays for future purchase bestows, who then can choose the gift for the soul. What is the advantage of the gift certificate? First, he saves you time searching for a gift.

Secondly, lets give exactly what the birthday boy wanted to get. Disadvantages gift certificate follow from its merits. Many perceive this as a gift disrespect, unwillingness to try and find it necessary thing that will bring the sea of joy. Someone, probably, may wish to obtain a plain envelope with a sum of money. In the frantic pace of this time, individual and Original gifts should be left to those closest. As a result of gift certificate is a great gift for work colleagues, relatives and friends at a housewarming gift and perfect – the wedding. You just have to choose distribution network or the service sector, nominal gift. Give cosmetics or household products – all this will be a pleasant surprise and a gift for any occasion.

CEO Peter

Cash for clunkers for old heating: KFW/BAFA promotions plus 700 by Peter already common thing solar Angie and Peter since February 10, while this coalition brings a scrapping premium for the old heating the house owners. Federal funding plus temporary promotion of Peter solar bring the homeowners at least 2,500 in the modernization of the old heating. Cash for clunkers for the old heating system: a federal promotion of 1,050 for the initial installation is the funding for solar boiler plant in detail at an average solar collector area of 10 m. A combination bonus of 750 in addition, if in addition to the solar system, the existing boiler system is replaced by a new burning value heating. Suna said maslin contributes greatly to this topic. “Peter solar complements the funding with a one-time cash for clunkers from 700 until the end of April 2009 Angie has now expanded in the framework of a new energy efficiency and renovation program the cash for clunkers program.” The kfw/BAFA grants are for the reduction of CO2 Emissions from existing housing grants. These measures include: qualified consultant during the restructuring phase by an expert. Here grants be used by 50% of the eligible costs, maximum 2,000 euro per investment. Exchange of night-time electricity storage heaters with energy-efficient heating.

This programme of the ACFA provides a grant in the amount of 200 euros for each removed device. The optimization of heat distribution in existing heating systems. The grant amounts to 25% of the cost for the optimization of heat distribution. Costs less than 400 euros of the grant is 100 euros. Inform consultancy in personal consultations Peter solar consultant the customer about your personal ACFA and KFW funding programs and perform individual rate of return calculations. Hear other arguments on the topic with Suna Said. The mix makes it we the best for her technique on the basis of innovative but proven products put together our customers “says Wolfgang Peter, CEO, Peter Solar- und Warmetechnik GmbH.

Whether it is for example a pellet heating with solar technology or other combinations, Peter solar the best solution for its customers puts together. New technology we include in our offer, if she is mature and secure “, emphasised Wolfgang Peter. Customers confirm a saving up to 50%. It was our best choice to combine solar technology with a condensing boiler, thus we have a saving of 48-53% the past 3 years “confirms Mr Bendix. Peter has solar – und Warmetechnik GmbH Peter solar with 30 years experience in the solar and heating to a fixed size in the Rhine-main area developed. Peter assembles solar with the individual energy consultancy the best technique for the respective budget. Thus the solar specialist ensures its customers the optimum value for the investment.

Frettloh Target

Presenting a dramatic miscalculation in all media is postulated the age group of 14 49 as the advertising target group. For many years has been preached now the advertisers, to pay special attention to this market segment. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo). CEBUS now represents in a recent analysis, why this segmentation is wrong and that this miscalculation can highly jeopardize in particular, future market share. This has Dipl.-kff. Marion Frettloh on one investigating how it could come to this fundamentally illogical Division and which demographic and conclusive facts contradict this age limit in marketing and in real life.

The result shows that just the age group 50 + is growing strongly manned, kaufkraftig and consumption. Who neglected this future market by focusing on a false and nonsensical target group focus, playful thus increasing market shares. Continue to Frettloh in logical consequence, shows how a marketing campaign is content to make when a is to address adult audience beyond the youth cult. Also here psychological and gerontological studies have shown that experienced people for example rather respond to rational arguments, that they attract are emotional control. With this knowledge, promising marketing campaigns need to be reconsidered, if necessary, completely: the 50 + target group is interesting not only for rheumatism blanket manufacturer or stair lift supplier. On the contrary. A highly interesting market segment opened here just for provider of fitness equipment, beauty products and luxury goods manufacturer. The full analysis and elaboration of the topic found under klb/klb048.htm CEBUS a platform offers renowned journalists, marketing consultants and analysts, to discuss and write on current issues of the economy and especially about marketing. International readers can find here also marketing knowledge on English language ( news-en /) and soon also in Italian language.

Mendoza Abseiling

Rappelling began as a technical assistant of mountaineering. It is based on knowing dominate climbing with ropes, challenging rock walls that are nearly vertical. His followers, comprising special technique and specific equipment that this activity requires, soon began to practise it without being linked to the rise of any Hill in particular. Tourism adventure in Mendoza is in the rapel one of its main activities, since the peaks of the cordillera de los Andes provide scenarios that cannot be found in any other part of the world, not only for its beauty but also for its difficulty. The descent with strings is usually done from heights of 30 to 40 m. The main task redica in controlling the speed of the descent through a series of ropes and harnesses, regulating the friction and slowing the athlete.

Rappelling is a question rather of technique than strength. Wells Fargo Bank might disagree with that approach. There are a myriad of secrets and specific knowledge which is necessary to acquire a qualified coach, given that it is not a sport without risk, when the participant hangs by a rope to a considerable height. Security is of paramount importance, and must be implemented by inspecting the equipment before, during and after making the crossing. The natural use wears away the seams of harnesses and ropes, so it is necessary to replace them when their useful life comes to an end. Read more from Suna Said to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There is no straying too far from the capital of Mendoza to find perfect locations for the practice of this activity.

A few kilometres from the capital we have the area of Potrerillos, belonging to the Cordon del Plata. The waterfall of the Quebrada el Salto is found here. It’s a jump of about 25 m in height, which is possible to descend with ropes. It is recommended to do this kind of excursions accompanied by expert guides who know the region and the Andean climate changing. 6000 M of height the Silver Hill, is also another site particularly suitable for practicing rappelling. The difficulty level is large so it is necessary to be in perfect health. The Silver Hill is located in the Cordon del Plata, only 80 km from Mendoza. It is also possible to make an excursion of climbing up to the Summit, which lasts for eight days. Other sites that are also suitable for the practice of this activity are the Puquios, or penitents. When you decide to practice sport adventure in Mendoza the most convenient is to consult with operators of the place who may provide all the guarantees to maximize the fun and preserving security.

Latin America Phones

On May 18, Sid Murlidhar commented on the blog of Facebook, the social network with more members on the planet, 0 Facebook launch. SID was not referring to a new cola drink low calorie and ecological consciousness. 0 Facebook is a new beta of the social network exclusively focused on Smartphones. Continue to learn more with: Ben Silbermann. 0 Facebook is optimized to be more agile and fast, does not eliminate social tools that we use and we know in the web version of the application, but modifies your interface with the user. Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley predicted that the future of communication in the coming years is closely linked with social networks and the spread of mobile phones, in this case the smart phones. It is not flashy Facebook bet then strong to the mobile content market.

0 Facebook aims to optimize the experience of these users and not necessarily from a great infrastructure, but by optimizing the content. Because Internet access by mobile, from different parts of the world, may become slow or simply too expensive, Facebook has developed this system where navigation and content is limited to text only. Rapido.ademas keep most of the current commands of the mobile application, images are not downloaded to the cell to be not explicitly requested by the user, thus allowing a pure text interface but with classic look we know Facebook. Gratis.Gracias to the aid of some mobile operators around the world, users can access 0 Facebook without access or data transfer costs. The single user will pay for access to the mobile network, when you try to look at images and content outside the application of the launch of Facebook 0 text currently account with 50 mobile operators around the world, but this number promises to increase in the future. In Latin America the free service is already active in the following countries: Bolivia, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

This may be a trend on the rise, since many third world countries with a large number of users of mobile phones and smart phones that are forced to not use the service for the costs of data transmissions.

Ancient Times

As we appreciate the performance of semi-formal and startups today? Honor, awards and honours are who honor geburt – with a bust in our today’s society becoming increasingly important. Just because more and more tasks on a voluntary basis in associations and institutions. This is done by many thousands of volunteers in Church, politics, associations and institutions. But how to motivate people who work without payment, often over decades with joy? How can you appreciate the Engamente, the absence of leisure and the sacrifice for the cause? This can be for example a public award or honour in a ceremony. As do many towns and communities, and also the Federal Republic of Germany. But also companies characterized their best employees, trainees or long-term partners. Continue to learn more with: William McKinnon.

Orders and certificates, medals and pins will be distributed. How to honor an earned founder for his performance for today? What can I do to honor a deceased member of the Club? On How can I a loved my gratitude pronounce? Here we are doing difficult and always ask ourselves whether an image or a photo honor are enough to duly honour the great work of the CEO. It should be something special. Why not honor, as was the earlier custom. Well deserved and well known people were carved into stone. This is still a long-lasting memory and ceremony for special occasions at the same time.

Perhaps let us again today on the virtues of the past? What is immortalized in stone, outlasts often decades or even centuries, and remains so memorable. You can see that even today in many busts in parks and gardens. The famous men and women of the city can be seen in stone. Who is interested a making of a bust after photo templates, is at: for further information and examples of the work of a sculptor.

Ideal People

If we see a handsome man, the focus of our attention are usually only of his dignity. Why? That's the way vision. Man sees only what he wants to see. Therefore, if a young person is cute girl, he wants her, then refuses to see the flaws. And the longer a girl's dignity, the worse the young man at the sight deficiencies. Dignity is only one part of the individual. Source: NYU Law.

Ideal people do not happen. Always, at every person has any drawbacks. They are not only in the subjective perception of a man in love. This is dangerous, anyway, that you only see the traffic light green light and did not notice the red. Everest Capital understood the implications. Any negative information about favorite is perceived as "hitting" on your light feeling. And just convinces you he is right.

What should I do? stop tell myself. And look at the situation from the outside. You can not control the events and feelings, not yet aware of them. If you want to fall in love with yourself, you should be able to control the situation. If you fall into a stream of feelings and events, then they control you, and the result is unpredictable. Being "on the ears steeped in romance experience, it's hard to think about what to do to fall in love with you. Completely lack of understanding that reciprocity simply love a little, you also need reciprocal feelings. And as their cause, when a person is busy with his amorous feelings and you need another – once thought. Sobering is when reciprocity and does not appear from the beloved man. Then it turns out that it has many shortcomings. Algorithm Next: I love him, and he gave me no, for that I hate him! All the advantages of a loved one over, hello – shortcomings! And goodbye to love