Frettloh Target

Presenting a dramatic miscalculation in all media is postulated the age group of 14 49 as the advertising target group. For many years has been preached now the advertisers, to pay special attention to this market segment. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo). CEBUS now represents in a recent analysis, why this segmentation is wrong and that this miscalculation can highly jeopardize in particular, future market share. This has Dipl.-kff. Marion Frettloh on one investigating how it could come to this fundamentally illogical Division and which demographic and conclusive facts contradict this age limit in marketing and in real life.

The result shows that just the age group 50 + is growing strongly manned, kaufkraftig and consumption. Who neglected this future market by focusing on a false and nonsensical target group focus, playful thus increasing market shares. Continue to Frettloh in logical consequence, shows how a marketing campaign is content to make when a is to address adult audience beyond the youth cult. Also here psychological and gerontological studies have shown that experienced people for example rather respond to rational arguments, that they attract are emotional control. With this knowledge, promising marketing campaigns need to be reconsidered, if necessary, completely: the 50 + target group is interesting not only for rheumatism blanket manufacturer or stair lift supplier. On the contrary. A highly interesting market segment opened here just for provider of fitness equipment, beauty products and luxury goods manufacturer. The full analysis and elaboration of the topic found under klb/klb048.htm CEBUS a platform offers renowned journalists, marketing consultants and analysts, to discuss and write on current issues of the economy and especially about marketing. International readers can find here also marketing knowledge on English language ( news-en /) and soon also in Italian language.