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This time is not strong deficits but fear of growth with these restrictive measures in Europe. You begin to see the light problem: the growth is the way out of this crisis. And the IMF returns to make a mistake with highly restrictive prescriptions. The recipe more effective for reducing the primary deficit is high growth. The 750 billion euros of loans and guarantees for those who need it in Europe, more that it would cover the financial needs of Portugal, Spain and Ireland until 2012.

But in the long term where will growth come is the question. There are reports that are circulating that they indicate that Europe support regulations for hedge funds next week, which is complicating the prices of banks this morning also. London is opposed, but the toughest of the EU like France and Germany no longer want more postponements in this regard. London 5.344-1.65% United Kingdom following the eurozone and also applied austerity measures: a 5% cut ministerial salaries, as a prelude to cuts in the public deficit. There has been disappointment with a weak pound against the dollar has failed to boost British exports, which was expected by economists, primarily by the problems that are afflicting Europe, one of the largest markets in the United Kingdom. The pound is US$ 1, 4560. The minimum for the year was US$ 1, 4479. CONTINUE reading report sent our subscribers every morning before the opening of Wall Street to have prior information and analysis before taking an investment decision. If you want to get daily, click here. -OPPORTUNITY of investment you can invest in the United States bag from any country in the world and earn additional income. Are you tired of not knowing where to invest your money? In which sector, in which company, in what market, at what time? Tired of paying high commissions to managers of portfolios or portfolio managers who have you done losing money consistently in the last two years? Enter here for greater details how to multiply your money and achieve financial independence.


Citizenship Luso-Brazilian (Introduction) ‘ ‘ The common rights and duties to all the men are also the rights and duties of all naes’ ‘ (BLACKSMITH, 1834b: 511) It in general constitutes an indeclinable duty of the humanity and of each individual in particular, to become involved itself, seriously, in one more good and continued personal formation, in the measure where never it is too much late for the man to perfect itself, nor its personality will be able to be given for concluded, much less the world-wide situation can leave tranquilas the people, not only as for the security and territorial integrity, but also, and mainly, how much to the values, principles and attitudes who, in Man-Citizen of the future, will be demandable, any that are the papers and statutes of each one. In the truth, it does not seem enough, despite necessary, the share of the specialists in the domnios of the assigneds person positive sciences, to be able itself to enjoy of a modern, compatible society with the deepest dignity human being. With effect, it is necessary to defend, without hesitations, all the legitimate, legal ways and adjusted to the construction of convivncia forms, that privilege natural qualities individual human beings and that, cumulatively, they can be developed and be applied in benefit of the tramway-car. The good-practical ones to consolidate the best qualities are a good methodology to follow. The world lacks of citizens with personality based on values, in attitudes, characters that serve all of paradigm and any individual that, voluntarily, it desires to contribute for the global society, because it is with good characters that will consist a truily worthy future of the condition human being: ‘ ‘ A good one for carcter () he is that one that obeys the recognized principles as right, that it continues faithful to the slight knowledge of love, justice, goodness and integridade’ ‘ (TICHE, 1982:9) the man is, natural and simultaneously, the problem and the solution of the majority of the situations that lives in the land and, as such, has the obligation to know what it can and cannot make, as it must and it does not have to behave, so that it can be producing and product of the society that it is specific.


As it said is a joy, but it is also an honor and a responsibility. I become to understand: am here to speak for a group of seminaristas, I, a simple layperson, call to discourse on some aspects concerning the liturgy, that is a subject on which? certainly? vocs has more knowledge of what I. I thought a little on this: For which reason, God placed, me in a situation that can very be well translated by the popular dictated one: ‘ ‘ to teach to the Father Ours to vigrio’ ‘? Where I could contribute? , Ahead of this question I decided well to reveal what a layperson knows on liturgy from what is rank for the S Doctrine, larding such exposition with some brief reflections of philosophical matrix, with the objective to bother them a little the what concerns our subject in the way of its ordinances. Before entering in our central subject, comments of antropolgico direction allow me to carry through brevssimas. The man is a being that effectively likes to celebrate moments that are rich of meanings (anniversary, formations, conquests carried through in the life, etc.). This characteristic human being already became gift in the primrdios of the humanity. Also since the primrdios ‘ ‘ the man searched forms of if communicating with the deity; this in all the peoples is through dances, musics, using elements of the nature as flowers, plants, animals, fruits, etc.

Are innate trend in homem’ ‘ (AQUINO, 2004, P. 9). The manifest liturgy this necessity of the man if to communicate and if to find with God. What it is mentioned in specific way, to the liturgy catholic, it is enormous the amount of doubts who the fidiciary offices have, then is enormous the amount of doubts on this meeting with God.

Greek Thought

We mention here to the period for return of Century IV B.C. The first fact to be pointed is that for this old people, when was said in the man while to be superior in relation to the other animals, a conception of correspondence between the human being showed and the cosmic order of the universe, that is, the ways of being of the man seemed to represent narrow linkings with cosmology. The belief politesta also contributed for these linkings, since deuses Greek was not simply onipotentes, but presented characteristics human beings, was left to lead for the passions, traam and suffered, felt fear or bravery; they were almost as human in the mythical adventures between the sky and the land, dominant in the thought of the Greek people. 10 the basic idea of the man while to be endowed with logos (zoon logikn) and inherent the discursivo power it had become characteristic of the Greek thought, and had influenced very in the humanity. daily pay philosophers, also known as first physicists, also searched in the inquiry of the cosmological principle the direction of the man, therefore the destination of both seemed to be linked. Only from Scrates (470? 399 B.C.) appears the idea of the man while independent individual (evidently, not in the same perspective of the modern autonomy), exempts, of personality moral and capable to think for proper itself and to emit value judgments. These aspects, genuinely antropolgicos, had exerted great influence in our civilization, therefore it was a slow process, since Old Greece until the current days, to assume the autonomy of the man second, leaving in plain its social functions and distanciando it still more of what it could be a common aspect in relation to the other animals. As the cassireriana boarding on the antropolgica yaw that the philosophy acquired from the socrtico thought, the author affirms: Scrates offers to us to an analysis detailed and meticulous of the qualities and virtues individual human beings.