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Only one in four important "crust" – a pass to work. 7% of students in general can not determine what they learn in high school. It turns out that many young people demonstrates the non-market thinking and nonmarket forms of behavior. They choose the path of "nowhere," hoping for a miracle, assistance, retraining. That is why sociologists, and sounding the alarm: high school less than half the function of training professionals. – In the public mind has formed a stable stereotype: Higher Education – home value – Alla says. – Since the 1980's. parents of the current generation of students received a quality education, then for their children they would like to do the same.

Today, 90% of city dwellers and 80% of the villagers are willing to pay for their children to school university. But amid oversupply of specialists such as lawyers, economists, psychologists, became popular with employees of the initial vocational education. But such education often does not provide the children professional practical skills in the proper amount. In the West, a training center with facilities for training. We – no. Looking for electricians, fitters, plumbers, welders … their salaries are enough high. But an adequate understanding of these professions do not form today, so they are not held in high esteem. From session to session, What you need to be successful? "The quest for lasting knowledge," "teaching quality" – of course: these factors were surveyed at the highest rate of utility. Important, however, they felt, and "the ability to make contact with the teacher." At last: demands of teachers (one in ten said its bad!), the presence of moral incentives to learn and work in parallel scientific work.

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The Asociacion Empresarial de HOSTELERiA de Madrid La Vina has created a portal for skilled employment that can use companies and workers in the hospitality sector to Exchange vacancies and applications for employment. The portal, which has been running a few weeks officially, leads active several months and everyone who wants to can open a tab and hang up your resume with the aim of finding a job in the sector of Madrid’s restaurants.Portal already hanging some of the early offers, as a kitchen Assistant, responsible for restaurant or director of a hotel restaurant. The initiative is open and anyone who so desires can be inscribed. The businessman, as they have explained to Europa Press Association sources, can choose to manage bids that hang on the portal itself.You can access this page of employment created by the vineyard through their website:. In so far this year, a score of job offers that have been registered have been published on the web 174 jobseekers is free, preferably for unemployed and is taught in Buitrago de Lozoya and begins on October 13. Office of employment of San Sebastian de los Reyes.Objectives: The completion of the course allows to improve the techniques and skills of communication and customer care, that are applicable in the hospitality and tourism-related jobs.Co

applied techniques and communication skills and attention to the client of common use in tourist establishments in order to satisfy your expectations and realize future stays. The school kitchen LICIUS team consists of professionals, both in the technical field, and the formative. His extensive experience in high-level gastronomic centers, ensures a high technical standard in kitchen shops. This fact, coupled with the extensive training course as teachers, provides quality, proximity and an excellent teaching and motivating contribution in the courses. We have spent many years training professionals qualified for each demanding day centres catering Madrid. And, now, pour this expertise in our workshops, with the aim of transmitting know / do, as well as the passion for the culinary world to adults and children. Provides job placement service with some very relevant inclusion data, among them we highlight: more than 1,500 managed jobs and a total of 236 placements.It serves Manager of recycling and improving training for professionals in the hospitality industry. At this point worth mentioning that in 2011 it managed for their associated courses in collaboration with other institutions of great importance in the sector.

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Many companies say they have as a central axis to the client. In reality, the majority of them are companies oriented to product or processes. Although common sense clearly indicates that without customers not there is company, we are dedicated to develop our businesses centralized in products. The most successful companies are not which have the best products, which have the best customers. If we want to belong to the Group of successful companies, as a result of being customer centric, first thing we must do is understand that we must make to embark on this journey.

Learn how to develop a customer culture in your organization and how to obtain the benefits of this strategy. Which of the following three approaches best describes the way how your company works? Product culture. Highly efficient development and innovation in new products or services. Investment in research and development to offer the market increasingly better and more innovative products or services. Organizational structure and management of the company focused on products and services. Your best commercial strategy is the management of prices and promotions.

Really, constant innovations in the product/service is what customers want and demand? Excellence in product culture processes. ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, 22000, OHSAS and other rigorous methodologies and certifications, more than all associated with quality management. High orientation processes and rules. Efficiency and effectiveness in the way how the organization operates. Very formal and in some respects, somewhat bureaucratic, but rules are met and procedures are followed. Exercises of strategic planning and Vision, mission and beliefs very well developed, unfortunately in the majority of opportunities this doesn’t interest the customer. What the Manual says what should be done. Seeks efficiency through standards and procedures, generating many times lack of flexibility and empowerment by employees for the entire of decisions. Process excellence culture customer. The customer is the epicenter and raison d ‘ etre of the company.

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Venezuela and United States: A Bilateral relationship the relationship between Venezuela and the United States in recent years has been a radical antagonism, at least in the ideological aspect (discursive). The years prior to the takeover of Barak Obama as President of the United States, they were marked by a constant confrontation of Hugo Chavez towards the figure of then-President George W. Bush. Apart from the statements of smells of sulfur, and the recent nationalization of the Isla Margarita Hilton Hotel, confrontation diplomacy has been a strategy of Hugo Chavez to achieve specific goals both in the region and internationally. There are three aspects which have marked the relationship Venezuela – United States: 1.

the search for Hugo Chavez of regional integration that excludes United States, primarily through organizations such as the ALBA (Bolivarian alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean) and the rejection of the FTAA (free trade of the Americas Area). Hugo Chavez has built alliances with countries with an orientation from left such as Cuba, Honduras (Zelaya), Argentina, and to some extent Brazil; all of them based on a deeply anti-American, anti-imperialist discourse. 2. The petroleum: Venezuela is the fifth exporter of petroleum in the world and United States accounts for 50% of its exports. This fact gives a light other than the relationship between the two countries that even though it is marked by confrontation, has not come to affect (and will not affect) the business relationship, at least in the petroleum sector. 3. Relations with the axis of evil: another element of tension between the two countries are the ties that Venezuela has created with countries considered-enemies – or threats to United States: Korea North (in 2006, for example, in the midst of the tensions generated by the launches of North Korean missiles capable of reaching the American continent between United States and North KoreVenezuela not only defended the right of the North Koreans to perform tests with armaments, but that in addition He announced that he could visit North Korea in the coming months); (e) Iran (through the defense of its right to continue its nuclear program and several visits of the leaders of both countries to their respective countries). Relations with Russia intracoronary and strengthened through various travel, as well as the purchase of weapons and Russian tanks, scientific cooperation, technological and military are other activities that have caused nervousness in the United States.

Tomas Carlyle claimed that the history of the world is the biography of great men. Currently, in the Venezuela-United States querelacion the foregoing is decisive: the first because Venezuela, land of warlords as almost all the countries of Latin America, has been found in United States with another leader, Barak Obama. We would then expect that the relationship between the two countries will be strongly influenced by the charisma and personality of both Presidents Mariana Morante Aguirre. Tab curriculum degree in international relations by the Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. Dedicated to studies on the power, the role of the individual and collectivity in the current world system configuration.

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A few days ago I went to buy a toothbrush to a pharmacy which is already supermarket (interesting concept of business), when I was choosing them caught my attention the packaging saying 2 X 1, apparently both had the same price of one. I looked the only brush, compared the price and actually had the same cost. Although I didn’t need another brush, I could give away it or keep it for later use. When I arrived at the box the clerk told me that promotion I could carry a liquid free floor cleaner, also took me. Not bad for a fee of $12.

Some years ago I analyze what I will buy, or better still, I have my favorite brands, which I have used and I know, I know that they have the quality and duration that I need, so I look for them constantly. If you see me buying at the supermarket you’ll note that I read labels, looking for similar products, consult your price and I decide what to bring me. In the case of the product in question, there were other offers in toothbrushes, but were not what I wanted, so I kept looking until you find what you needed, and without wishing it got a free product! When I find offers in a business, first I wonder if I need the product, I accounts to verify if it is really a savings and take a decision. Not I am guided by my emotions! They tell me that I must buy them, because they are bid and bids do not last long. I invite you to do the same, he analyzes before buying and program your expenses so that you spend not only for doing it, but because you really need the products that you will acquire.

Some time ago someone gave me the best kept secret to avoid wasting money: don’t take it in the portfolio. I.e. you should analyze before you leave what you need and take the necessary, never take money just in case, this is a practice that will make you spend much on unnecessary products. If you take into account investigations that determine that spending money produces the same effects of pleasure that many banned drugs you will understand why we spend without reason apparent. Avoid expenses and multiply your money, that is a standard that I explain in my seminars and books on wealth attraction. It will surprise you to know that you can attract much money with changing some habits how to avoid buying products in offer, that can learn you reading my articles and books, listening to my therapeutic audios and taking control of your life. This day, you spend or invest?