Carlsbad Will Host the Premiere of the Tape Historic “Bathory” Jakubisko

International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary will present the world premiere of the tape historical thriller “Bathory” directed by the Slovak Juraj Jakubisko, reported today in Prague chairman of the contest, Jiri Bartoska.
The central event of the highest category “A” and which this year celebrates its 43 edition, will give Jakubisko the crystal globe for her film career. His latest work, which involved the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the United Kingdom, concerns Alzbeta Countess Bathory, dubbed the “Lady that splashes”, and known for maintaining her beauty based bloodbaths of a virgin. The film, which cost 11.5 million, was the most expensive in the history of Czech cinema, and she acted in the British Anna Friel, the Italian Franco Nero, and popular actors Czechs and Karel Roden Bolek Polivka. The Karlovy Vary festival that takes place in this spa town from 4 to July 12, this year will offer a retrospective of Mexican director Arturo Ripstein, one of the icons of cinematography Aztec, with works such as “Virgin of Lust,” ” Such is life “or” The rule of fortune.
” Their films won prizes in European competitions as Cannes or Venice, “can be shocking, because there is much emphasis on sex in hidden instincts of man,” said Eva Zaoralova, the festival’s artistic director. Zaoralova was part of the jury at the last edition of the film festival in Las Palmas, which was chaired by precisely Ripstein. The Mexican filmmaker will go to Carlsbad accompanied by his wife, Paz Alicia Garcia Diego, screenwriter of its work over the past two decades. The festival also will pay tribute to Czech British director Nicholas Roeg, who made his debut in 1970 with “Performance”, a psychedelic fabric of the genus “gangsters” with the singer of the band the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, as one of the protagonists. Of the films that will compete in the main section, the first prize is worth $ 30,000, only the Czech Republic has announced “Deti noci” ( “Children of the Night”) Michaela Pavlatova.

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