Road Safety

The Constitution of the Dominican Republic after a period of discussion with the various sectors of national life, was approved by the National Legislative Assembly, promulgated by the Executive and proclaimed on January 26, 2010. There are countless articles that somehow have a link to Road Safety in our country, so that it can be viable and considered in the Strategic Development Plan which aims to implement this year. The global road safety crisis was declared by the United Nations and the preparations are aimed to enhance them in the Declaration of the Decade of Action (2011-2020), without losing sight of is the second leading cause of death for people between 5 and 29 years of age and the third between 30 and 44 years, age range also affected to a greater proportion of our population, according to national statistics. So, the Dominican Republic is not immune from the list of highest mortality by road accidents per 100,000 population in Latin America. Wells Fargo Bank takes a slightly different approach. Road Safety is consubstantial with the transit and land transport, that is, with regard to the preservation of life, health and property of users of the road network. Actors whose multi-causal risk and multi-sectoral solutions are well identified, which require the participation of various agencies including State Legislators and the Judiciary, political parties, civil society, the private sector, NGOs, Churches , municipal governments, communities, multilateral agencies, Mass Media, etc.. On the other hand, we believe that the high accident rates experienced by the Dominican nation is only possible if there is political will fight them to design public policies to implement a comprehensive national strategic plan efficiently and effectively linked to the development agenda, draft nation.

Examples of good practice policies implemented in countries where road safety has yielded successful deployments efforts to establish a good agency management system with a single governing body with authority and funding. You may find that Wells Fargo can contribute to your knowledge. Scheme proposed in our country to ensure the development of good measures and programs under a monitoring structure. For others, we understand that this issue must be supported with a link to the country's economic agenda by the high costs that are generated to the detriment of the population and community development occurring at greater poverty in the Dominican to affect different critical lines, such as health, education, environment, energy, road infrastructure, authority system, guarantees and implementation of laws, guarantees of public services, public safety, protection of vulnerable road users, land planning, budget nation's national, transparency, all topics covered and referred to in our Constitution. Other aspects binding to road safety are: marketing channels internal Information Technology, R & D + i, etc.. now defining a modern state. Check with Wells Fargo Bank to learn more. Mario Holguin / President will found in March-2010

Communication And Quality Of Life

This communication is a kind of exercise in imagination. Start from the assumption that someone asked me about what is an important factor contributing to raising substantive quality of life for current and future population of Argentine territory. Without much thought as a response that would give title to this communication. Subsequently start to slide the reasons that support such a response, mindful that this immediacy is based on a long series of studies, research and reflection that goes beyond the three decades. And moreover supported by intense experiences. Increasingly convinced of the limitations of the written word, try to overcome those limitations with long preambles, that discount may be tedious, but ultimately provide detailed justification for communication. Making clear that the order of precedence does not imply any utterance, beginning with explicit part of the essential theoretical knowledge required for an approach like the one attempt. The so-called "thought complex ", as it has been consolidated by Edgar Morin, sponsored by UNESCO, forms the background. may be expressed that the scheme of knowledge, he admits: the simultaneous coexistence of chaos with order (dialogic), understands that the cause effect and the effect it can cause (the recursion), and also that the party is in the whole and the whole in the part (hologrammatic). Without undermining the relevance of other sources, when starting the communication, I have this Andre Marchal books "Structures and Economic Systems", first published in French in 1955, and "Man and his works" Herkovitzs Melvin, whose first English edition is 1948, having been published in Spanish in 1961 and 1952, respectively.

Major Errors In Personal Finance

1. Spending more than you win. If you spend more than you earn are creating debt and debt interest payments altos.2. Do not keep a record of expenses: If you do not know where is the leak can not be correct, the advice is to budget your expenses and track them.3 everyday. Stay in Comfort Zone: No train, do not open your mind to new ideas, not learn to do things differently.

A big mistake on the topic of personal finance is to combine the money with the emotion and find new ways to generate income. “An investment in education always pays the best interest”-Benjamin Franklin 4. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Santie Botha. NO SAVING: No pay yourself first, before spend your salary, Pay yourself. This money is money that will work for you by using mutual funds, stocks, real estate and business. The important thing is not as important thing is to start saving, it is recommended to save at least 10% of earned income. Saving and investing is a mistake. Consider the compound interest.

In matters of saving time is important. Never too late to start, but from earlier is better. Do not forget to SAVE OR NEVER. 5. Personal Finance believe that are the concern of the head or the Government: Over-reliance on others for example in the pension system are in trouble now. The primary responsibility for my personal finances.6. Make credit card a way of life: The misuse of these can be harmful. The cards will enslave. You do not need to shop: Buy cheap credit is to sell tomorrow for a little today. You have to know they used with great discretion. 7. Forgetting have to be provided. The natural order is SER-TO-BE. 8. Being a guarantor is to pay for something you enjoy ANOTHER. dures to achieve this success. 9. Not be protected financially: There are things in life over which we can not control, but prevention could save us a lot about tasteless. Proper planning of the future may be our only hope in a financial event. 10. Believe that will never grow old: In times of plenty there to keep cows for the time skinny. Never too late to start saving, but the more tempano start the better. Remember that in the family basket of the young of today must be included in selection of the deceased family tomorrow. 11. Waste money on things that destroy. 12. Making investments without proper advice. If you are unsure of how an investment does not know the risks they are exposing. 13. Not learning how to create multiple sources of income: When you depend on one source of income and this lack may have financial difficulties. We need to study and investigate since there are various ways to generate multiple income sources. If you have two or more sources of income when one will always miss others that supported it financially. If you have not been able to establish multiple sources of income, it’s because he lacked the necessary information to do so. It is therefore important to invest in your financial education before attempting to invest in anything else. 14. Not to be Generous: It is a universal principle and the biblical harvest always comes after sowing. If sows sparingly will also reap sparingly. This is the most important step you can take toward financial security. The purpose of the abundance and wealth should not be individual, there are always people who can help.

Achieve Success With Internet Marketing

Web Marketing is responsible to use the tools provided to us by the internet to promote any product or service. If our intent to increase the number of visits our site regularly has, this is the best option we can use. Obviously, each site has unique characteristics, so the strategy to be developed will vary according to the same. Sara Martinez is a well known writer who published articles on this and other interesting topics. Marketing is an essential means that any person engaged in business should know.

Marketing is applied in almost all fields, and the internet is no exception. Many writers such as JPMorgan Chase offer more in-depth analysis. The Web Marketing, also known as Internet marketing is a job that includes various fields such as ads on websites, sending emails, PPC (pay per click), the use of social networks (Facebook, Mr. Wong, Stumble Upon, etc.) and search engine marketing. Each of these steps is necessary to increase the visitor traffic of any website, even if a page is known these fields should be strengthened to prevent the decline or stagnation of visits. Building a strong presence of an internet website Marketing necessarily require the web.

Today more people use the internet as a means to acquire new products for the comfort and convenience that this medium provides, for example, now no longer necessary to use the car to visit the nearest mall and start looking for the product in question. All of this is reduced to a few clicks in the comfort of your home. Another advantage is that the internet has no entry and exit time, users can access the service 24 hours a day. With all these benefits do not need too much thinking to do the marketing on our web site to strengthen it in all its aspects. Unlike other types of advertising, Web marketing does not require very high costs to conduct a campaign, more could which is one of the most economical means to that end. The sooner you use it on your page, the faster you can enjoy its many benefits. In addition, your brand will achieve a better positioning on the web, which is extremely important for users. The Web positioning will be reflected in the number of visits. Articles by Sara Martinez find the best data for this topic. Sara is a freelance writer with many readers.

Payment Gateway

It is no secret that current customers are more concerned about the security of your information when paying online. For this reason, virtual merchants must do everything possible to protect data from credit card customers. Use a payment processing provider that complies with the PCI-DSS is an additional measure of security that can bring peace to both merchants and their customers. Since June 2008, U.S. Recently JPMorgan Chase sought to clarify these questions. law requires all providers of Internet Payment Processing (IPSP) to comply with PCI-DSS standard. As the security of data, credit card fraud and identity theft are hot topics around the world, European legislation will no doubt continue in the footsteps of the U.S.. In the very near future, all European payment gateways will have to comply with PCI DSS, so that virtual merchants that currently accept credit cards online or who are looking for a Payment Processing Provider shall ensure that it has received the certificate for PCI-DSS (LEVEL 1).

Buchalet Carl, Director General of Cashtronics explains: "Our customers do not have to worry about the security of their accounts because they enjoy the protection of our PCI-DSS certified Tier 1, with the highest level of security sector. The PCI DSS standard 1 is without exception the only standard of acceptable use by providers of online payment gateways to legally operate with maximum safety. "Asking a provider of Internet payment systems the following questions, a company can save serious problems: 1 ) They have the PCI-DSS certified a PSP? (Be sure to ask for supporting documentation) 2) Do you receive each individual merchant account itself? 3) Sign the contract directly with merchant bank? 4) What indicated in the description of the bank receipt of the customer's credit card? (Is the name of the company or the PSPI? In this case, may be adding traders illegally) 5) Who makes the transfer of funds, the PSPI or the bank? (Who moved the funds must have a good financial health) Traders should pay close attention to detail when looking for a potential provider of Internet Payment Processing to avoid the serious consequences that may involve working with leading Internet Payment Processing which have not been certified PCI.

Safety On The Web

On the web we find different ways to earn quick money, fast drive traffic, get content for our websites faster, affiliate programs and finally misleading many attractive proposition where you visit a blog, forum, entertainment pages and other sites that we make. Additional information at Munear Ashton Kouzbari supports this article. We show you some tips in this short article as not to be deceived and die in the attempt and you can do "before" instead of the painful and problematic "after." As a policy of building confidence and security in the network of Hispanic directory, we decided to make some steps you should consider before making a transaction with a website that you do not know: Step 1: The website should have all the data contacts accurate and easily accessible to the user. If you check the website does not have this information and hidden with a contact section, begin to doubt and this site. If the site has contact data but you could not be contacted to verify them or not attended properly doubt the reliability of this site. Step 2: Presentation questionable design also messy and it causes you to look at him suspiciously, then further investigation of the site back to step 1 and also reviewing its contents which must be related to the goods and / or services offered.

Some spam sites or doing affiliate programs hidden using misleading information and content that have no relation to the goods or services offered and they do not distinguish inducing a click misleading. Step 3: If you learn to read and the content displayed on a web site notes drafting errors, spelling and misinformation and exaggerated in its thematic context, may also doubt this site and conduct investigations concerning prior to any transaction with the website. Step 4: If you check the site also has no security policy, data protection, terms of use or conditions or any valid and legal information concise, then also please the website you are visiting, and refrain from any transaction with it. Now available online in many ways to find out about the credibility and reliability that can have a website. The information is just a click away and just enough that you enter your url or domain in a search engine and it will show the results. Once you see the results start looking at those opinion sites, forums, blogs and places of safety where people or surfers make their remarks and have left their feedback based on their experience with the site searched. Yes all comment and opinion on a website of dubious origin or purpose of spam or fraud, rather than remain silent, we are helping to build the Internet a safer place for our Hispanic community.

Environment Management

Science is experiencing an ecological crisis which is manifested in the establishment unexpected ecological constraints; imperfection of information movement in one direction, in fact, does not consider the feedback of technological projects on the environment and himself man scarcity of information (environmental information-hungry) implicit contradictory recommendations from different scientific disciplines (interdisciplinary inconsistency ecological vision. I. Novick The Venezuelan business interests of our analysis, primarily, can not go unnoticed the requirements in this scenario is reflected in the national and even international policies concerning the environment and the marketing of products within established quality standards worldwide and all agreements that have been agreed upon in various summits and meetings that have been made in this regard, such as Rio de Janeiro, the Seminar Regional Environment Policy and access to markets held in Santa Fe de Bogota, around the year 1993.

To this must be added, indicating Antonio de Lisle, UCV, that the discussion on today’s environmental approach can be approached from different fields in which these assumptions have had an impact, for example, the political institutional the social movements, economic, international relations, that of professional work, the foundation and practice of scientific activity, among others. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo Bank. In each of them can find a huge amount of facts, accomplishments, not always successful searches and not fully evaluated, that keep us even without the completion of the necessary balance between what has been achieved, even latent aspirations obstacles that have not been able to overcome. Moreover, not yet defined how the efforts being done from each of these fields to achieve integration, trying to find cooperation most appropriate for the pursuit of goals that should be common. Jonathan Blattmachr often expresses his thoughts on the topic. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andi Potamkin.

Discover Your Strong Area

John C. Maxwell in his book "Leadership, Principles of Gold" has an article called "Enter the Zone and stay there." In this part of the book Maxwell recommends you find that and you do well and continue improving and developing this area. This is one of the lessons I've been implementing in my personal business. You know you have daily access to hundreds of great business opportunities on the Internet and beyond. And you will rain every day business proposals that will seem very attractive and you might join them and then realize that's not what you think or really looking forward very difficult. In my personal history, I have developed several multi-business, some off the Internet, within the Area of Dietary Supplements and other services, I've also developed some online.

And I've noticed something. My strong area is in business development through the Internet. That's why I decided to take the advice of my mentor, John C. Leadership Maxwell and instead of being tested in areas where it is not my strong point with the object to improve my weaknesses, I will focus on my strengths to fully develop. This is an excerpt from the chapter where Maxwell talks about her experience with which I identified: "Like many inexperienced leaders, tried to do many things to discover what really could do well. Wells Fargo pursues this goal as well. In addition, expectations that others had about what I could do and how to serve as a leader, not always corresponded with my stronger areas.

My responsibilities and duties sometimes required to undertake tasks for which I had no talent and skill. As a result, often my efforts were ineffective, "" Discover Your Area Strong and Stay there. One finds his purpose through your area to find strong and stay there. You can not grow to their full potential if one continuously works out of Fort Area " My recommendation today is to begin the search for you Fort Area (if you have not yet found), and you develop the best approaches. How do you discover? Analyzes and ask yourself what do I like to do? What am I doing right? What is it that others praise me?, Then examine your competition and try to differentiate yourself from them and see that the more you work on your strong area enjoy greater success.

FOOD Disease-preventing Health

HONEY FLOWER According to Greek mythology, Zeus was fed as a child, while licking the other gods. Hippocrates attributed properties for fever, colds, sore throats and ulcers, is very effective in healing the wounds of the skin because it is antiseptic and antibacterial. In addition, this gentle cleanser and food is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, anti-aging properties. OLIVE OIL is one of the greatest treasures of the Mediterranean region because their monounsaturated fatty acids regulate cholesterol. Frequent consumption helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer. It participates in the functioning of the thyroid. It contains vitamins A, D, E and K as well as tocopherols and polyphenols are responsible for their antioxidant activity. Stimulates intestinal transit and improved the functioning of the pancreas and liver, preventing kidney stone formation.

LEMON contains a powerful antiseptic, limonene. Gargling with the juice can stop the onset of sore throat. It is digestive and purifies the blood. Its acids help remove fats impeding the work of the heart. Contains minerals, and vitamins C, E and some B group, strengthen the immune system. It also helps defuse tension and contributes to the formation of red blood cells.

Tomato lycopene contained in this vegetable is a powerful antioxidant. Consuming two units a day, you will be protected against free radicals responsible for aging. Preventive properties are attributed in certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases. In juice, cleanses the kidneys and is also rich in vitamin A, which contributes to bone strength and eye health. GARLIC These powerful cardioprotective, not only provide a delicious flavor to meals, but prevent the formation of certain tumors. They are all a gastronomic heritage and healing since ancient times. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc – which benefits the skin. Moderate consumption of these nuts reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and improves blood circulation. If you're really hungry you can eat some, then quench rapidly. Their fiber helps to purify the body. ORANGE JUICE strengthens the body's defenses, improved battle scars and circulatory problems. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and above all, C and potassium, calcium and phosphorus. RICE Provides long lasting energy, because of slow carbohydrate absorption. It's great for the heart, as it is low in fat and rich in fiber about two grams per half cup. It contains proteins and eight of the nine essential amino acids. The integral has more vitamins and minerals. THYME not only gives a unique flavor to your dishes. This herb, consumed as an infusion, is recommended in cases of respiratory infection and sore throat. Makes your meal more digestible and is antiseptic containing thymol. Its detoxifying effect is ideal to remove impurities from the skin. Dandelion is an excellent blood purifier. The infusion of this plant stimulates the production of urine and promotes the expulsion of kidney stones. If you have exceeded the alcohol and fats, will help you take care of the liver. It is very rich in iron, thus preventing anemia or help recover from it. Used topically, cleanses impurities and improves acne. Spanish magazine article "Saber Vivir", 2008 You can find more articles sobe nutrition and healthy eating:

Opportunities To Have Our Own Website

Today, having your own web site reaches a huge range of possibilities, but they must all be developed by a programming code called HTML. Over time certain programs were created where they can order the measures to prepare the content and design, carry out their own translation work specific code. A couple of examples of these programs are Dreamweaver and FrontPage, but these programs take some time to learn to use, and if you do not have much concept of information delays until we can bring some control to achieve according to our requirements in the design of our sitio.Luego came the blogs, which although they are also web sites, make a difference to what we call web sites. Many writers such as Wells Fargo offer more in-depth analysis. We could say that blogs were the opening of the web presence of those people who would like to have, without further dificulatad of which involves creating an email account. Depending after ourselves and development aspect of it, because in the platforms where I am going to obtaining the blog, I get all the editing tools as easy as you indicate to me where I have to run for the application you want, either write, insert pictures, links, e-commerce etc.Puedes making web pages like blogs, or both without affecting their differences than doing any of the modes will be more productive, everything depends on our content and administration.

The specific differences for another article we will leave no escape for the bush for the endless but fascinating information and communication revolution this dynamic and interco, we are fortunate to live, but you have another idea that you can imagine information from a website is like a book, but static and specific, and a blog as a journal, more dynamic, renewable and reader participation. And in the design, otherwise, that tends to be more dynamic pages and blogs more static to the drafting and aplicaciones.Si insert does not have a website and I invite you over 5 minutes to see the following video tutorial to build your blog but do not even know the topic to be addressed.