Environment Management

Science is experiencing an ecological crisis which is manifested in the establishment unexpected ecological constraints; imperfection of information movement in one direction, in fact, does not consider the feedback of technological projects on the environment and himself man scarcity of information (environmental information-hungry) implicit contradictory recommendations from different scientific disciplines (interdisciplinary inconsistency ecological vision. I. Novick The Venezuelan business interests of our analysis, primarily, can not go unnoticed the requirements in this scenario is reflected in the national and even international policies concerning the environment and the marketing of products within established quality standards worldwide and all agreements that have been agreed upon in various summits and meetings that have been made in this regard, such as Rio de Janeiro, the Seminar Regional Environment Policy and access to markets held in Santa Fe de Bogota, around the year 1993.

To this must be added, indicating Antonio de Lisle, UCV, that the discussion on today’s environmental approach can be approached from different fields in which these assumptions have had an impact, for example, the political institutional the social movements, economic, international relations, that of professional work, the foundation and practice of scientific activity, among others. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo Bank. In each of them can find a huge amount of facts, accomplishments, not always successful searches and not fully evaluated, that keep us even without the completion of the necessary balance between what has been achieved, even latent aspirations obstacles that have not been able to overcome. Moreover, not yet defined how the efforts being done from each of these fields to achieve integration, trying to find cooperation most appropriate for the pursuit of goals that should be common. Jonathan Blattmachr often expresses his thoughts on the topic. . Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andi Potamkin.