During pregnancy planning is necessary not only to undergo inspection, but also to strengthen their health. The birth of a healthy child depends on the mother's health. During the first 9 months of future Mother raises and nurtures a child. Environment (at this stage the body mom), which develops the child should be as comfortable for him. Stress, chronic illness, lack of training cardiovascular system, poor immunity, poor muscle tone, and other conditions which pose some difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth.

To cope with this need to be prepared. Physical Education and Sports contribute to the development and maintenance of muscular tone, which is especially important during childbirth. Proper nutrition and inclusion in the diet of vitamins and minerals restores the function of all body systems, beginning with cellular level. Hardening helps prevent or significantly reduce the risk of colds during pregnancy. We recommend the compulsory visit to the cedar barrels in preparation for pregnancy (during the Pregnancy thermotherapy desirable) as the best way of tempering, detoxification, withdrawal syndrome, chronic fatigue, stress, exercise for the cardiovascular system. Women who are on the eve of pregnancy wellness courses regularly held in the cedar tub, relatively better endured hot weather, almost did not react to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure with changes in the weather, had more balanced emotional state. In periods of epidemics of viral infections have not been ill or transferred colds are mild. As for the postpartum period, the mini-sauna helps to restore power relieve stress, reduce weight and effects of cellulite, eliminate the problem of skin (as often occurs dryness of the skin and reduces their elasticity).

Tension in the back muscles that occur during pregnancy and when my mother is in the hands of the younger child, lead to discomfort and the appearance of pain in the lumbar spine and shoulder girdle. Complex procedures in a cedar tub with massage relieves these phenomena. In addition, a mini-sauna, in combination with balms ("Calendula", "Yarrow", "Krapivny") provide a very good effect on the gynecological sphere of the female body. In chronic inflammation, cystitis can also help with hip baths balm "Calendula" (7-10 drops per bath). Balsam contains extracts of calendula flowers and essential oil of fir. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Calendula – a natural antibiotic, especially active acts on staph.

Market Recovery

Nouriel Roubini, the renowned US economist has again asked to speak. He says that the recent rally was triggered only by speculators or so-called dumb. Wells Fargo understood the implications. The recovery will fade and the financial system will suffer new unexpected shocks. Roubini has grave doubts that the recovery of the US economy is yet to come in 2009. He sees also retest the March lows the markets, because the recovery of the past few weeks is due only to gamblers, who have put in a bear market intact on a technical counter-reaction. The U.S. economy will continue to shrink and in the next year, he sees no potential that the US economy will grow.

The unemployment rate will rise to 11% and corporate profits will tend to further decline. The banks have insufficient capital to compensate for their losses, because the losses are much higher than the forecasts predict. The Chinese economy will this year grow 5.5% and thus the forecasts by 8% clearly fail. A lasting recovery of the Chinese economy can not imagine Roubini that largely was achieved this growth only through the measures taken by the Government and has nothing to do with a sustainable expansion. Nouriel Roubini is one of the few experts who said the downturn of the global economy ahead, and his statements to be taken very seriously. Also I wrote you, I see no change in the trend, but that this recovery in a bear market is nothing out of the ordinary.

Nevertheless, it is not excluded that we again run 5,000 points after a correction in direction, before it again more corrected. Markus Frick Markus Frick became a self-taught one of the best-known and most successful stock market professionals in Germany. Creativity, discipline, hard work and a special flair for the challenges of the financial markets were the basis for this success. As a trading coach with strong team Markus Frick offers today along with books, seminars and DVDs for beginners to advanced investors a portfolio unique in the industry. Using state of the art information technology Frick offers its customers instructions, tips, and strategies as a 24-hour service: daily exchange letters, e-mail and video-hotlines, latest updates, SMS information, individual support by telephone and email, seminars and conferences the company accompanied by investors professionally on the parquet. Also read: note you the plant tip of markus Minoo place 1-for the markus Minoo tv-show on video-podcast for iphone and ipod markus Minoo scarce 1000-participants on the – anniversary seminar.

Web Studio House

It is no secret that many people today are eager to build your home business from scratch as the Internet and in real life. But while they can not decide how, how and by what means they will earn money. As understand what business will be easy to customize for themselves, where to take products and customers? How to bring tons of traffic to your site? They carefully analyzed the different business models, trying to pick the best, from the fact that there are at market and afraid to make mistakes. Although, in my firm belief that today is not so important what you do, most importantly, how you do it. If you are a specialist in this area – your success is assured.

Today I want to share with you information as to why I started a home business, virtually from scratch, along with the company Edgestile. This is our Russian company that produces software (software), and I earn money with it, because I – partner. NYU Law: the source for more info. And in my opinion, it is very beautiful and promising business. The company itself is in g.Chaykovsky. Working in it the most talented people are the best experts and professionals with whom I poschastlivelos closely interact in the business – seminar in Perm. One species of Products of – it’s a constructor for creating websites SiteEdit. With the help of this magical collection you can construct a simple business card site, a site for doing business, corporate site or company site, news portal, forum, and multifunctional online store. The company itself is in g.Chaykovsky.

Working in it the most talented people, the best specialists and professionals with whom I poschastlivelos closely interact on business – seminar in Perm.

OS Winodows XP Media Center Edition

Sony vaio vgn AR11 is made in the same style as the aforementioned VAIO TX2. In general, the design of the new line, in our opinion, very, very successful – both rigorous and far from trivial. Against the background of an infinite set of silver notebook second-tier manufacturers of jet black looks really contrasting and immediately identifies the model “from the crowd.” True, it realizes more and more producers will soon have a progressive designers invent some new trends. But we are confident that the designers Sony has once again come out. And we will again see something very, very interesting.

However, do not be distracted by thoughts of the future, when in front of a wonderful present … There are also more prosaic version of the model, for example, Sony vaio vgn AR11MR, containing the following components: CPU Core Duo T2400 (1,83 GHz) 1024 MB DDR2-533 memory, a hard disk drive 160 GB, Optical Drive DVD RW with support double-layer burning, 17-inch screen 1440 x 900; video card NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 128 MB video memory. Other characteristics are identical – and a TV tuner and remote control kit plus OS Winodows XP Media Center Edition, and a set of interfaces (including wireless). Buyer This configuration costs $ 2600, that you will agree, for supernovae from Sony and not a lot. Overall, we liked the keyboard. True, a little confused by the layout – to block the cursor keys (“arrows”) are adjacent Shift and End.

Of course, it’s not too bad, but at such a scale could make the case and less “compressed” keyboard. To tell the truth, here it is fit and selected to NumPad. But it’s the little things that we are prepared with ease forgiven for simply superior mechanical properties. Pressed extremely soft and quiet, and most importantly – the keys have a very big move, almost like a desktop keyboard. In this play, and no unnecessary chatter, even at such traditional “problem” key as a space. Absolutely amazing keyboard. But the touch pad here, it seems, just to keep the laptop was more like a laptop. Seriously consider the touchpad as a device VAIO AR11 I do not – too small panel size in comparison with the screen, and buttons are remarkably successful, they miss the finger is much easier than to get into. Conclusions As we have not broken the head (there must be some criticism, right?), we could not find a laptop sony vaio vgn AR11 material for his class disadvantages. Is that the price can not be called affordable, but at such a high price level goes almost to the dignity, ensuring user exclusivity .

New Canon Inkjet Collection

Canon has introduced a new line of inkjet technology that will replace the existing one. Consider the functional features of the models. To replace the printer PIXMA iP4700 comes two printers PIXMA iP4840 and PIXMA iP4850. In comparison with the PIXMA iP4700 both units higher printing speed (monochrome and full color), the volume drops – 1 picoliter, and added automatic two-sided printing. Furthermore, complete software PIXMA iP4840 added a unique application Full HD Movie Print Function.

This application allows you to receive and print individual frames from the movie Full HD, shot on digital SLR cameras Canon, or videos from HD, created by digital cameras, Canon, with outstanding detailed images with resolution up to 1920×1080 (1080p). Applied technology Inks – 5 Single Inks (PGI-425PGBK, CLI-426BK, CLI-426C, CLI-426M, CLI-426Y). A number of multi-jet devices undergo a major change. On change PIXMA MP270 comes PIXMA MP280. In addition to design a new model differs from the previous software only: added application Full HD Movie Print Function.

MFP PIXMA MP490 replaces the new PIXMA MP495. In addition to adding applications Full HD Movie Print Function, MP 495 is equipped with a PIXMA Easy-PhotoPrint: application to wireless devices on the Android platform and mobile printing. Also in the MP 495 provides built-in Wi-Fi, making this model the most affordable printer Canon All in one" with the ability to wirelessly connect all of the issued to date. PIXMA MP4550 model will replace the two new models: PIXMA MG5140 and PIXMA MG5150. In addition to the application Full HD Movie Print Function in MG5140 added exclusive access to content from renowned artists through the service CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM. In MFP added automatic two-sided printing and applied the new cartridges (PGI-425PGBK, CLI-426BK/Y/M/C). To replace the PIXMA MP560 will come, too, are two models: PIXMA MG5240 and PIXMA MG5250. The new models are stored built-in Wi-Fi and wireless application platform Android. Added applications Full HD Movie Print Function and CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM, block automatic two-sided and used the new cartridges (PGI-425PGBK, CLI-426BK/Y/M/C). PIXMA MG6140 and PIXMA MG6150 replace MFP PIXMA MP640. When you save a user-friendly features MP640, added to the application Full HD Movie Print Function and CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM, automatic two-sided printing and applied new cartridges (PGI-425PGBK, CLI-426GY/BK/Y/M/C). In addition, MG6140 is equipped with a new user interface with intelligent sensor system and Canon has 6 separate ink tanks, including gray ink. A new feature allows you to IrSimple wireless connection to a printer via infrared. The new model will replace the existing PIXMA MG8140 PIXMA MP990. MG8140 is equipped with a new user interface with intelligent sensor system and Canon has 6 separate ink tanks (PGI-425PGBK, CLI-426GY/BK/Y/M/C). Added applications Full HD Movie Print Function and CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM, automatic two-sided printing. MFP supports a standard Ethernet and Wi-Fi. With the support of IrSimple , PictBridge, and – as an option – Bluetooth to a printer can be connected compatible digital camera, equipped with mobile phone cameras and camcorders. All models of ink jet marked with the line Canon ChromLife 100 +. It is a sign system that combines technology, Canon FINE, genuine Canon photo papers and original Canon ink for quality photos with a shelf life of up to 100 years. and the basis of submissions received on the official site of Canon.

Fitness Trainers

Tips for the proper warm up before the fitness and muscle building many athletes leave training warming up completely, because they often are of the opinion, it nothing brings that and warming up unnecessary energy for the actual workout and Sixpack training verschwendt. This misconception can cause the muscles is not properly warmed up and is therefore susceptible to injury. Furthermore, a muscle warmed-up is more powerful. A good warm-up can offer following benefits: the circulation of the musculature increases (up to 400%) increased oxygen uptake and increased oxygen increased metabolism speed cartilage hypertrophy (increased injury protection) increased oxygen utilization (up to 300%) increased contraction and elongation of muscles an optimum warming up is used to prepare the body for the following load. Aim is the body temperature to increase by approximately 2-2.5 degrees Celsius, so that the body temperature of about 39 degrees Celsius as the optimum is reached. The body is thus able to take advantage of all the training necessary metabolic processes. The warm up should be this slow and controlled to avoid an acidification of the body.

As a guide, you can take the pulse rate of 120 beats per minute. Much higher this should not be but also. Marko Dimitrijevic contains valuable tech resources. The General warming up before the training is General warm up to enable measures aimed at the entire body and thus to heat up. Cardiovascular system and muscles are optimally prepared for the upcoming load. This is accomplished by primarily the large muscle groups are warmed up. Possible training devices during warm up, in order to achieve this are stepping back rowers Skywalker Crosstrainer jogging jump rope as a result that the large muscle groups to get moving slowly as the bicycle Ergometer, come to a warming of the body temperature, what is the purpose of the warm-up work. The Warm up should take place slowly and controlled, to waste unnecessary energy.

Health Insurance

Without Moss nix loos – provide better sick allowance without health examination for workers who is longer than six weeks ill, has not only serious health problems, but may also soon financial, once the remuneration in case of sickness the employer ends. Up to 20% can be in the time after the financial losses compared to the other net income. Does not happen to you? A leg fracture or herniated disc can be found many and make unfit for work for weeks or even months. Better it live without this risk especially, if you can get it without health issues and to reasonable contributions in the handle. We like to explain how to cheaply and effectively guard against the financial consequences of disability! Reimbursement of accident treatments it can go very quickly: A fall, a complicated fracture. Who has agreed to a deductible for health insurance with his cash, faces in the event of an accident quickly with high costs. Other leaders such as Everest Capital offer similar insights.

Even if the cost of health insurance are covered, deductibles or even the whole mountain of costs if the insured remains, if the rebates will not be compromised. With additional SB – accident protection you can protect yourself against this risk. Without health issues and at surprisingly low rates. Entrepreneur who is self-employed, should worry in time about his health insurance. Chef Carrie Levi does not necessarily agree. The company is successful and achieves a high income, then must reckon with payments amounting to several thousand euros, who remains voluntarily insured in the statutory health insurance. This has confirmed the Bundessozialgericht (AZ. B-12-KR 14/05 R) why? Checkout entrepreneur will receive a preliminary decision of the contribution up to the first income tax return. Is the legal minimum wage shall be of 1.916,25 (as of 2010) per month for 14.3%, a monthly statutory health insurance contribution amounting to 274 is due. Doesn’t the first tax assessment notice what at start-ups After two and a half years the case is rare is the fee retroactively recalculated.

Jennifer Oeser

Let’s start with world champion Jennifer Oeser and picture auctioned signed World Cup souvenirs for the benefit of the charity helps ‘A heart for children’ Berlin e. V., August 31, 2009 during the World Championships in athletes and stars gave an unforgettable summer us from all over the world in Berlin. So also Heptathlete Jennifer Oeser, who emerged from the contest with a superb second place. A related site: Everest Capital mentions similar findings. An autographed Jersey of Germany is to commemorate their performance now, and auctioned off a bag of Vice World champion on. The proceeds of the auction go ein Herz fur Kinder”e.V.

as a donation to the charity helps image. Jennifer Oeser is one of the most successful German at the this year’s World Championships. The Leverkusenerin won the silver medal after her spectacular 800 metres, which she successfully rescued despite fall in the target, in the heptathlon and won the first all-around Medal for Germany thus for 12 years. The German Heptathlete at the same time set a new personal best score with 6.493 points. In addition to their World Cup success, federal police officer Jennifer Oeser is also two-time German Polizeimeisterin. The charity image hilft e.V.

ein Herz fur Kinder”committed wherever, where little people into emergency and is one of the few aid agencies that guaranteed that every donation penny of your donation will be passed directly and without suffering from deductions on emergency and sick children. Jennifer Oeser stands with this auction at the beginning of a number of renowned athletes: soon more charity auctions followed by Tamundo with personal memorabilia owned by world record swimmer Britta Steffen and the eightfold long-distance world champion Thomas Lurz. For more information and printing material at: auction signed deutschlandshirt… Tamundo ( is a market place & community for special things. These include rare and unique collectibles. Anonymous mass and new goods must, however, “remain outside”. Thus, Tamundo is a meeting place for people with a passion for special. Here you can download things Discover, bid, Act and interact.

Why Do Kids Eat Chalk ?

Many of the things people do instinctively obeying impulses arise from nowhere. While studying, the children also instinctively try to taste everything. However, watching attentively for the habits and tastes our kids, sometimes we can understand exactly what agents do not have the child for proper development. Many of us watched in amazement suddenly arriving in strange tastes. This is especially true for children.

Sometimes it is intelligent children six to ten years, suddenly begin to pull in your mouth "every dirty trick." And not just drag and purposefully seek out and have some substance. This may be chalk, clay, coal, limestone pebbles, even at the beach head matches or land. Someone with emotion, recalls how as a child in the village with my grandmother secretly ate plaster, someone grieves for 'sweet' Cretaceous of the Soviet era. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ruth Porat is the place to go. And someone digging in the depths of memory, finds that a child sometimes gladly licked watercolors. All of them were sweet to the taste, but for some reason, preference was given to the red and orange.

Some of us have kept the manner of, for example, chalk, and in adulthood. Accidentally found "Brothers" out of habit, these people are seriously discussing the taste differences between different brands of chalk, and arguing about whether harmful health chalk out of the store office supplies, and what tastes better – crayons "Antoshka" round chalk "Lanthanum" or tender Czech "Kohinoor". Many women have noticed for a passion for chalk or whitewash during pregnancy. All these habits are not random. If you find your baby accustomed to a certain and not the usual "product" is another reason to think – and whether the child eats and whether all the food it needs for growth and development of substance? Reasons for "Chalk dependence" in children (and adults) are different. But as a rule, children who secretly hauled from blackboard chalk, not enough calcium in the normal infant. After all, chalk – a natural source of calcium. Addiction to all derivatives of lime chalk, including clay, the same nature. Calcium in childhood need a body in large quantities. Nutritional standards of children include: 800 mg per day for children 1-3 years, 900-1000 mg for children 4-6 years old, 1100 mg – 7-10 years 1200 mg – 11 years and older. Calcium is needed for normal bone development, the formation of healthy teeth and gums, as well as for muscle growth. Without calcium, the child not only suffers from impaired physical growth and development, tires easily and often sick. Calcium is also involved in many metabolic processes in the body, and its lack of can cause severe hormonal disorders. It is also believed that the love of the Cretaceous – secondary symptom of anemia. Body lacks iron. By the way, all iron oxides have a brown or reddish color – remember the red watercolor? According to WHO, lack of iron in some form affects about 30% of the population. But in childhood anemia is particularly dangerous, and most micronutrients, including calcium and iron, which get us with food, can not be absorbed by the body to adequately or quickly removed. The use of special vitamin supplements can not only add to the diet of minerals. Experience shows – minerals contained in a vitamin-mineral complexes absorbed about 20 times more effective than the same minerals from the conventional products. After all, the pills are contained in a form that specifically "tailored" for easy and proper digestion.

Gerda Mahmens

Solutions by dedicated Burgern-together on the way to a better society! We can do it! On Saturday, November 15, 2008, 9:30 17:00, is in Gerlingen walking Buhl in the Lukas Church, flower Bou. 60 (stop wide meadows U6) held a “citizens Summit demographics change”. Instead of. Solutions to problems are pointed out and core requirements will be provided.Everyone, whether young, old, is cordially invited to join! Experts will provide us the necessary information at the citizens Summit and the offentlichskeitsarbeit will be presented. The topics are discussed by planning and visualization techniques presented and opinions are exchanged afterwards. In any case, we will try to inspire as many people to the ideas of a better functioning society and to motivate them to join the independent. Important is to agiern us, so how far also still completely independent of parties and other power structures. Perhaps check out Marko Dimitrijevic, author for more information. All of this is including Documentation of the “social market economy BurgerForums” particularly with regard to the national politics of Baden-Wurttemberg are lit. Following topics will be addressed in a special way: the Generation50 + to the family-friendly immigration applications to participate are requested under: Gerda Mahmens reactor Trail 7 70839 Gerlingen-Schillerhohe Tel.: 07156-17 85 18 fax: 01805-019800-68819 E-Mail: Web: founder of generation meetings “Around Gerlingen” care management home senior consultant of LageS (working group the EV.)Seniors in Wurttemberg) “BurgerForum social market economy”