Quantum Physics

So you read "Think and Grow Rich", and has had an intellectual understanding that "according to what makes you think." Has a list of statements about wealth and recited daily. But still no money. Wealth does not appear anywhere. What's the deal here? According to Napoleon Hill, you should be quite rich by now, right? Well here's the real deal: If you are not "consciously on the Wealth", all these thoughts and statements are not going to bring that richness. Thoughts and statements are only actions you take. But they are only part of the sequence of creating wealth. If you skip the FIRST step, will not get anywhere.

So, what is the first step? Being To attract wealth, you must first be rich. Then you think about something that involves wealth. Talk statements of wealth and wealth takes action. "But as I can be rich if I am not yet"? you ask. A logical question, but is based on false assumption that has no wealth.

You MUST wealth. Simply not aware of it. You have built a physical reality that prevents you to experience the wealth. All this can be explained by the science of Quantum Physics. So let's see some basic concepts of Quantum Physics that will explain what I mean. First, you are probably aware, at least on an intellectual level that at a subatomic level, we and everything in the Universe, is Energy. We are made of the same substance and everything is connected, the universe is nothing but an ocean of Energy, vibrating at different frequencies which gives the illusion of individuality.