Greek Thought

We mention here to the period for return of Century IV B.C. The first fact to be pointed is that for this old people, when was said in the man while to be superior in relation to the other animals, a conception of correspondence between the human being showed and the cosmic order of the universe, that is, the ways of being of the man seemed to represent narrow linkings with cosmology. The belief politesta also contributed for these linkings, since deuses Greek was not simply onipotentes, but presented characteristics human beings, was left to lead for the passions, traam and suffered, felt fear or bravery; they were almost as human in the mythical adventures between the sky and the land, dominant in the thought of the Greek people. 10 the basic idea of the man while to be endowed with logos (zoon logikn) and inherent the discursivo power it had become characteristic of the Greek thought, and had influenced very in the humanity. daily pay philosophers, also known as first physicists, also searched in the inquiry of the cosmological principle the direction of the man, therefore the destination of both seemed to be linked. Only from Scrates (470? 399 B.C.) appears the idea of the man while independent individual (evidently, not in the same perspective of the modern autonomy), exempts, of personality moral and capable to think for proper itself and to emit value judgments. These aspects, genuinely antropolgicos, had exerted great influence in our civilization, therefore it was a slow process, since Old Greece until the current days, to assume the autonomy of the man second, leaving in plain its social functions and distanciando it still more of what it could be a common aspect in relation to the other animals. As the cassireriana boarding on the antropolgica yaw that the philosophy acquired from the socrtico thought, the author affirms: Scrates offers to us to an analysis detailed and meticulous of the qualities and virtues individual human beings.