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Jackalope For other uses, see ubuntu. For other uses, see Jakalope. Rabbit infected with Shope papilloma virus. The first concern of investors should be risk factor, according to hopes to insulate the property market from turbulent times and poor market climates Plate XLVII of properties Animalia Qvadrvpedia et Reptilia (Terra) by Joris Hoefnagel, about 1575, realtor showing a “horned hare. The jackalope is an animal or fictional lebr homes for sale lope of U.S. culture, it would realtors be a cross real agent between a jackrabbit and an antelope, goat or deer (the English name is a mix of jackrabbit and antelope), and realestate is usually represented as a rabbit with horns. There is a property management belief that the tales of Jackalopes were inspired by observations of rabbits infected with Shope papilloma virus, which causes tumors to grow real listings like horns in real residential various parts of the head and body of the rabbit. However, creatures such as the tap and the chimera suggest perhaps that the concept of an house for sale animal hybrid occurs in real sale many cultures.There is also a common species in south-western hare real property hare-antelope called because real buying of its ability to run property as fast as an antelope, have been quite easy realty to imagine (giving a comic touch) that this rabbit had horns of an real commercial antelope. Edit