Moments and their protagonists

Moments: The Forum of the Center of the Caribbean “From the League Coastal Regional Compensation Fund,” held on 8 and 9 October in Santa Marta, and the Forum “Challenges of the Caribbean Region,” held on October 10 in Barranquilla in the framework of the celebration of the Caribbean Region. The players: Antonio Hernandez Gamarra, Adolfo Meisel Roca, Eduardo Verano de la Rosa Elvia Mejia Edgar Rey Fernandez and Sinning, like figures that project, through its institutional and personal work, a commitment to this historic moment in which the Dominica Region Caribbean is close to realizing the aspirations of autonomy. But behind them, or with theirthem is a team work that is worth mentioning Madalina Barboza, executive director of the Center, Cecilia Arango, assistant governor of the Atlantic and Sandra Devia, communications coordinator of the same government, and between communicators and journalists have played a significant role in the process, director of Caracol Victor Herrera and Martin Tapias Notivisi n director and the new web Here, the official photo of Day of the Caribbean Region, where all the governor is and the mayors of Cartagena and Santa Marta (Barranquilla the conspicuously absent), pose with the Minister of Communications Maria del Rosario Guerra and Elvia Mejia.