Ski Helmets – Tips On Buying

In skiing’s own security plays a big role. Crashes and collisions pose a great risk, especially for the head. There is no way to be trifled with head injuries, should be paid that is worn a helmet while skiing. It is very important that this is properly seated. For a helmet does not fit, protects in the worst case, not at all. In the worst-case scenario is a good helmet can save your life. In particular, parents should make sure that their children ski wear a helmet. At the same time they should set a good example and wear a helmet yourself. In most countries there is no wear helmets. An exception is Italy: children under 14 years must wear a helmet mandatory on the ski slopes. At the helm of purchase, you should pay attention to several factors. To protect the well head, you should not skimp on this point. Good helmets are in the range of about 100 to 200 Euro and should best be purchased in stores. On the bicycle helmet from discount stores for 10 euros at this point would be better dispensedwill. For ski helmets are two different helmet systems. There is the half and the Vollschalenhelme. The former only protect your head and cover your ears only by soft padded Ohrenpads. Vollschalenhelme are mostly for children or riders, as they offer better protection. When choosing a helmet should be taken that this good fit. He can not shake, but do not sit too close to avoid headaches. Ideally, the liner should be removable for washing. When you buy should also be paid to the testing standard EN1077. This guarantees a certain level of quality and safety of the helmet.