The State

The State shall provide financial mechanisms that will make possible the access of all suitable persons to higher education. ARTICLE 70. The State has the duty to promote and encourage access to culture for all Colombians on equal opportunities, by means of permanent education and scientific, technical, artistic and vocational education at all stages of the process of creation of the national identity. The culture in its various manifestations is the foundation of nationality. The State recognizes the equality and dignity of all who live in the country.

The State shall promote research, science, development and dissemination of the cultural values of the nation. ARTICLE 71. The quest for knowledge and artistic expression are free. Economic and social development plans shall include promoting Sciences and, in general, to the culture. The State will create incentives for people and institutions that develop and promote science and technology and other cultural manifestations and will offer special incentives to individuals and institutions engaged in these activities. ARTICLE 72. The cultural heritage of the nation is under the protection of the State. Archaeological heritage and other cultural objects forming part of the national identity, belong to the nation and are inalienable, unattachable and indefeasible.

The law will establish the mechanisms to repurchase them when they are in the hands of private individuals and shall regulate the special rights which could result from the ethnic groups who settled in territories of archaeological wealth. ARTICLE 73. Journalistic activity shall benefit from protection to guarantee its freedom and professional independence. ARTICLE 74. All persons have right of access to public documents except in the cases established by law. Professional secrecy is inviolable. ARTICLE 75. The electromagnetic spectrum is a public good inenajenable and imprescriptible subject to the management and control of the State. Ensures equal opportunities in access to its use in the terms fixed by law. To guarantee informational pluralism and competition, the State will intervene as mandated by law to prevent monopolistic practices in the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. ARTICLE 76. Repealed (article repealed by Decree 2001 2887) article 77. The Congress of the Republic, at the initiative of the Government, issued the law that will set policy in the field of television (article amended by 2887 Decree of 2001) the Doctor Jose Orlando Magno is one of the scientists philosophers more young people who owns the country. It has a large number of published works. in his last statement can assure the country advances little by little investment in education, since the largest investment in colombia this 12thcentury war, reason by which the brains of colombia are runaways, otherwise live practically destitute, as it happens with the Colombian teachers. Since the State looks at them as tools and a number more than workers.