Brazilian Elements

This concept in discloses to the interaction between the Climatologia and Geography to them for if dealing with relations between the man and the nature, and the modifications that occur in the landscape with this interaction. To better understand the study of the different climates of the Planet, it had a estruturao of the studies in climatologia evidencing the climatic elements and the geographic factors of the climate. Read more here: Tiger Woods. The climatic elements are three: temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. However, these elements in accordance with vary the geographic factors that they are: latitude, altitude, maritimidade, continentalidade, vegetation and the activities human beings. The circulation and the atmospheric dynamics set it the climatic elements and factors and print to air a permanent movement. The Brazilian Climatologia Brazil is situated in the area that more receives radiation from the planet, the intertropical zone that if it locates between the tropics.

Therefore, we can say that Brazil is a tropical country, thanks to its localization. The intertropical zone delayed started to be studied, therefore the tropical part of the Planet only came to be annexed to world-wide the productive process very recently. The first studies of tropical Climatologia had been elaborated concerning the regimen of monsoons in Asia and the climate of the north of Africa, for studious English and Frenchmen, at the moment where the European countries consolidated its colonial-neocolonial domination on these new areas, new markets. For much time, the meteorological and climatic comment of the tropical atmosphere was surrounded for mistakes and imprecises, what it led to a generalized discredit. Moreover, the scholars were accustomed with other atmospheric conditions? the tempering zone? therefore the atmosphere of the intertropical zone was challenging for them. The used theories to explain the dynamism of the Brazilian climate are based on those produced by the analysis and comment in the tempered zone, making with that many times, the works of climatlogos leave to desire and making with that its forecasts are not accomplished.