Adjusting The Valves

Adjusting the valves is one of the most critical operations for servicing the engine and to requires certain skills – is adjustable thermal clearance engine. All the mechanisms and timing while the same on the principle of action but differ in design. All arrangements have camshaft, intake and exhaust valves. Overhead valve engine with a lower location of p / shaft are the most complex mechanism timing. He has five interfaces, which transmit the motion: p / shaft – pusher-rod – rocker – the valve. It is installed on the old Muscovites – 407, 403, 408, 2136, the Volga and . On modern engines w / shaft is located in the cylinder head – there are still differences between say, 'WHA' and 'Moskvich'. In the first case, the motion passed rocker and the second yoke.

Unlike the arrangements with a yoke, which in the thermal gap can occupy any position, and the rocker is constantly pressed against the valve spring. Adjusting the valves on the cars 'WHA' in the wake of the classics (classic – it vaz – 2101, 2107) is 2108, 2109, 2110 and etc. and some foreign models camshaft is located directly above the valve and passes through the effort of a nickel (one penny has its size) mounted in a glass. Adjustment is done by replacing a nickle more thin or thick, in Depending on the size of the gap. Adjusting the valves (CONT'D) When the thermal valve clearance – there are strikes in the compounds of timing.

Geneva Motor Show

Consider the cars of several manufacturers. Cars – Honda. Ambitious model Honda HR-V in the style of fashion design trends. Honda HR-V will be the best choice for those who want to reach a point on the map for the shortest possible time. In repertoire of models of Honda HR-V, on 5 door Honda HR-V, not only brings an additional number of doors.

Body and a wheelbase of Honda HR-V was increased to 100 mm. And, above all, it affected the additional comfort and safety passengers in the rear seats and the best sustainability performance model Honda HR-V. In this case, the most important advantages of the models of Honda HR-V have been saved. Four-wheel drive allows the Honda HR-V to leave behind conventional cars. Engines SOHC (105 hp) or the SOHC VTEC (124 hp) 1.6-liter combine performance with excellent fuel economy and durability.

The next car that we consider Hyundai. The second generation of Hyundai Lantra was published in 1994. It is a model of a small class, it available in Touring versions sedan, hatchback and wagon. The outer design is made by South Korean manufacturers in accordance with the outgoing mode at the smoothed bioform. Lantra is equipped with gasoline engines of 90 – 114 – 139hp, accompanied by a mechanical 5-speed gearbox. Good handling, reasonable prices, easy handling make the model of popular and top-selling well. Finally, consider another brand Car – Mazda. Mazda Premacy premiere took place in March 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show. Premacy – a front-5-7-seater wagon with increased capacity (MPV) in units Mazda-323 extended wheelbase. Equipped with inline 4-cylinder engine working volume of 1.9 liters and 114 hp a 2.0-liter turbodiesel, which is aggregated with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The model has a high level comfort and equipment. Salon versatile: the seat moved, removed and laid out – as a result you can get 2-bed. By the way details of interior design.

Automotive Engineering

Crossover Chery Tiggo, the creation of which occurred in his own design office Chery, China made its debut in spring 2005. Tiggo – a car designed in close collaboration with Lotus Engineering and Automotive Engineering. Delivery Chery Tiggo in Russia began in 2006. Styling Tiggo – an amazing mix of elements of the second generation Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Tiggo has an expressive style and great comfort, so he often calls attention.

The car is equipped with a powerful 2.4 liter and mechanical 5-speed manual. McPherson independent front suspension on the wishbone, rear semi-dependent torsion. In Tiggo spacious leather interior, which easily fit 5 people. The rear seats fold, increasing the capacity of these trunk. Car fuel economy – 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers. The equipment includes Tiggo abs + ebd, power steering, front sds, heated seats, climate control, which provides a comfortable cabin temperature, alloy wheels, electric windows and mirrors, audio system with cd, leather trim, central locking with remote control and electric sunroof. Price (Dealer, Moscow): from $ 21,990

The Main Advantages of a Crane

Crane – a crane jib type, installed on the vehicle. The crane used for loading and unloading of the vehicle on which installed, or other handling work. Depending on the purpose cranes come in various capacities: light (1-10 kg), medium (10-100 kg), heavy (100-1000 kg) and super (over 1000 kg). Cranes may have different positions in the vehicle, be staffed by one or another lifting device. The process of reloading is as simple and safe to load, and for others. When working crane arm rests on real support for the maximum stability during the work, as well as to avoid applying bank vehicle in case of an overload of heavy loads. Securing of cargo takes place using a special lifting device: cable or chain fittings, hooks, magnetic clamps, fork or traverses.

The cargo is moved by arrows on the chassis of the vehicle and securely attached to transport special hardware. All management crane manipulator can be done remotely using the remote control. Can also be used when moving cargo over short distances drive manual transmission, or electric. The main advantages cranes: – The ability to carry out cargo handling work in those places where there are no other handling equipment, no cranes or loaders (such as suburban building) – compactness device (the ability to carry out cargo handling in places where you can not use a bounding technique), there is no need for manual labor or to attract additional people. Loading or unloading can only be done by one person – the driver. – Large selection of cranes (new, used, different models and capacity) especially want to highlight that the evacuation of the car is not dispenses with the crane, especially of those places where you can not use conventional tow truck, or is likely to damage during loading winch (eg, blocked or twisted wheel, a problem with ACTs. In these cases, evacuation will be used in special factory grips and durable wide belt.

Fuel Generator

The design of the central (parking) brake disk is completely improvised. Parts made of steel, The sv (ST5), except for a plastic ball on the end of the arm, having a radius of 7,5 mm. Brakes are equipped with only the rear (driven) wheels borrowed from the UAZ-452. Front – from the buggy nwa. The fuel tank as an air filter, muffler – prefabricated from the engine AP-2. But the cavity-homemade. Is made of shells strung together tightly blowtorch.

As for fitting, at the bottom of the cavity, then it is made from a segment tailpipe of a car Moskvich-408. "Micro tractor equipped with lighting devices for confident movement in traffic and at night (evening) time of day. Power is supplied from the tractor generator 700 W, working with relay control PP-350. At a set of engine 1800 rpm and more self-excited generator and confidently holds the load. Displayed on the dashboard ammeter, fuel gauge in the tank, oil pressure, tachometer, lamp control rotation, as well as a pointer to engine overheating.

Thermocouple temperature sensor is "Chromel-Kopel, mounted on the cooling fins of the cylinder heads. In conclusion – a few words for doubters. Practice from across convincingly shown the promise of a V-belt clutch in makeshift structures of agricultural machinery. Bribe the simplicity and reliability. Annual wear belts .Remennoe clutch can recommend designs with engines Zil-4, 5, AP-15. If we apply the trailing and leading pulleys of different diameters (stepped), it is easy to get a few gear ratios of transmission in conjunction with a four- gearbox.

How To Choose Car Mats ?

More and more frequently in autumn-winter period, you begin to notice that the mud and water from your carpets began to filter in the upholstery of your favorite car. If so, then it is time to go shopping for new car mats. At first glance it might seem that choosing something themselves, and not anything else, but this view is wrong there are car mats for the car interior or trunk. In order to fully protect your car from dust and dirt, it is better to buy both of them. Mats in the car interior mats are versatile and original, ie produced under a specific model of car. Universal mats are made of heavy rubber, as a rule, they have side. To fit different models of the existing line trimming, but even if you correctly and accurately carve them, they will not lie perfectly.

In addition, these mats have a relatively short lifespan. The only advantage is their universal mats cheapness and availability. The original floor mats can be rubber, and textiles. Rubber original carpets are made from high quality material, however, most often side with them is low (about 1 cm), and their value above the cost of the universal. Although the height of the sides has no special meaning and is a subjective criterion. The fact is that in deep carpets often accumulate large amounts of water that can soak into the legs of pants and leave the white salt stains. Another nice addition is that if your car provided staff retention mat, the rubber – these places for anchorage necessarily. Textiles (nap) original floor mats have the rubber coating on the reverse side.

The main advantage is their high moisture content, have an aesthetic appearance, easy to remove and not expensive. Lows in the fact that they long to dry. Textiles (nap) mats must be rubber-based, otherwise the moisture can seep and soak into the carpet car. This can cause premature corrosion of the body. Quality tufted carpets on the rubberized base, in turn, are able to absorb up to two liters of water to get rid of which may be using a simple brush (pulled and cleaned carpet) or a car vacuum cleaner. Mats in the trunk mat in the trunk are plastic and rubber. Plastic mats in the trunk are made under particular model of car, made of durable material, have a high side (about 5 cm) and are designed to protect the carpet luggage compartment from dirt and water. Many plastic rubberized mats provided covering the center of the mat that prevents sliding cargo. Rubber mats in the trunk are usually universal, with special trim lines, so that they can fit virtually any car. Skirting in these models, there is little, and if there is, their height is extremely small. Shortcoming is the high elasticity of the mat: get a pad out of the trunk, did not wake up the garbage, almost impossible.