Modern Folder

It is recommended not to delete this text and send the answer along with it. Thus, the recipient of your message can easily recall what was discussed in your previous correspondence. Sometimes, to this end, in one letter can contain more than 3-5 and the previous posts. Citation. When you reply to emails often used snippets quoting a letter to remind you what it is speech. This is one of the major advantages of e-mails. In most email programs quoted fragment released by 'more than' (>). For example: You ask me:> Tell me the schedule of upcoming activities of our> company for the next month.

Sending you a schedule attached file … sort incoming messages. Incoming e-mail messages should be sorted by folder that you created. Any Modern e-mail program allows you to easily do it. Part of coming to your messages, you will be removed. But part of (and in my experience very much) to save. To then easy to find the desired letter, sort all incoming mail to your folders.

For example, I use about 20 different folders. In the folder 'business', I put messages received from sponsors and from the company in the folder 'distributors' I put message on their distributors in the folder 'psychology' I keep a mailing list on relevant topics, etc. Smilies (Smileys). '… Smile – it's not just swatches kryakozyablovogo art, small trenazherchiki for the imagination, but also essential component of nonverbal substitutes of human communication in general klaviaturizatsii, tehnokratizatsii, and increasing removal of human rights …