Wii Sports

Wii Sports is a game created by Nintendo that comes with the Wii console when you buy it, except in Japan.
This game consists of five sports: tennis, baseball, boxing, golf and bowling. In each command of the Wii simulates a racket, a baseball bat, a glove boxing, golf and a stick of a bowling ball, respectively.
In this game you can control our Mii, the character that can be created in the Wii console, in our image and likeness and that is also used in other games like Wii Play.
Wii Sports also can be played by four players, where everyone has to use a remote control with a Wii Nunchuk. In addition, Wii is an option for a single player named Fitness, which may be exercised once a day, with a series of exercises based on sports game.
This game was shown at E3 2006, where in each Wii console could be playing a sport in a kind of Method scenarios, as well as tennis was played in a sort of minicancha.
The game will have a continuation, Wii , expanding the sports available.
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