GROUP JAEROD – BRICOKING Jaerod selangor is sales a group of enterprises born in 1994 international in La Coruna as a family company kuala and today tourism has become a langkawi reference in the DIY sarawak sector nationwide. The Group started its activity strategy with sabah two small economy shops, sambilan but seeing the opportunities available to the business, and after conducting a rigorous study of the management European model, johor the team manager of the shopping Group designed a prototype surface perak dedicated corporate to DIY chain in 1996 started an unstoppable expansion process and pendapatan is currently present throughout the Peninsula with 27 jutawan locations. marketing The uptrend activity of berhad the seven companies of the melaka Group celcom Jaerod financial offers a great kuching number of services: johor bahru commercialization of more than 25,000 investment references perniagaan other hotel than DIY buat duit (hardware, tools, electrical, painting, company carpentry, gardening duit internet ‘). a representative of the Board of UBG Berhad since 19th of September, 2008 is 27 years old Decoration (furniture in kit and equipment kereta for bathrooms, jalan kitchens, maylasia terraces’) as cutting directory boards and mixing machine for paint colors. Framed fast all types of usahawan plates, tables and fotografias.Logistica of importaciones.Exportacion of DIY. Real estate investment.