Market Recovery

Nouriel Roubini, the renowned US economist has again asked to speak. He says that the recent rally was triggered only by speculators or so-called dumb. Wells Fargo understood the implications. The recovery will fade and the financial system will suffer new unexpected shocks. Roubini has grave doubts that the recovery of the US economy is yet to come in 2009. He sees also retest the March lows the markets, because the recovery of the past few weeks is due only to gamblers, who have put in a bear market intact on a technical counter-reaction. The U.S. economy will continue to shrink and in the next year, he sees no potential that the US economy will grow.

The unemployment rate will rise to 11% and corporate profits will tend to further decline. The banks have insufficient capital to compensate for their losses, because the losses are much higher than the forecasts predict. The Chinese economy will this year grow 5.5% and thus the forecasts by 8% clearly fail. A lasting recovery of the Chinese economy can not imagine Roubini that largely was achieved this growth only through the measures taken by the Government and has nothing to do with a sustainable expansion. Nouriel Roubini is one of the few experts who said the downturn of the global economy ahead, and his statements to be taken very seriously. Also I wrote you, I see no change in the trend, but that this recovery in a bear market is nothing out of the ordinary.

Nevertheless, it is not excluded that we again run 5,000 points after a correction in direction, before it again more corrected. Markus Frick Markus Frick became a self-taught one of the best-known and most successful stock market professionals in Germany. Creativity, discipline, hard work and a special flair for the challenges of the financial markets were the basis for this success. As a trading coach with strong team Markus Frick offers today along with books, seminars and DVDs for beginners to advanced investors a portfolio unique in the industry. Using state of the art information technology Frick offers its customers instructions, tips, and strategies as a 24-hour service: daily exchange letters, e-mail and video-hotlines, latest updates, SMS information, individual support by telephone and email, seminars and conferences the company accompanied by investors professionally on the parquet. Also read: note you the plant tip of markus Minoo place 1-for the markus Minoo tv-show on video-podcast for iphone and ipod markus Minoo scarce 1000-participants on the – anniversary seminar.

HVAC Machinery Ensures The Light

Numerous light giraffes of the leading construction equipment lessor accompany the renovation work on the Vienna Airport. Hamburg/Vienna, 11 July 2013 – for several weeks the start and landing runway 16/34 of Vienna Airport was renewed. The remedial actions had to be carried out during flight operation and found that the availability of light at any time was mainly in the night hours rather than according to an absolute must. From the first until the last day provided machinery Austria, subsidiary of Germany’s leading construction machinery rental company and merchant HVAC HVAC construction machinery, for the professional lighting of the building site: many powerful light giraffes from the HVAC rental fleet were here every night tirelessly in use. Carrie Levin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. HKL Baumaschinen Austria explains plant manager, Franz Reisenhofer: our light giraffes were responsible for more than 80% of the lighting. This is a very special responsibility. With our 24-hour service we provide the security and flexibility our clients such Project.” In 25 nights and four weekends from 8 April to 24 may 2013 approximately 500 people and up to 480 machinery worked 16/34 of the Vienna Airport in the redevelopment of the takeoff and landing strip. A total 220,000 square meters surface were completely renewed.

This had to be applied over 80,000 tons of asphalt- and new. Without lighting the work would need to be interrupted. Therefore, the contacts of hav were always accessible during the entire period machinery. If necessary, for example, if part of a lighting unit was had to immediately react, to ensure the smooth running of the site. Thanks to the 24-hour service from HVAC to the complete satisfaction of the client’s technical problems could be solved. Thanks to the good cooperation between airport, airlines, Austro Control and construction companies, as well as the tireless efforts of all local stakeholders, the renovation work in late May could even a few days earlier than planned will be completed.

Further information carried In the period from 8 April to 26 May 2013 the airport Vienna renovation work on the runway 16/34 through. These were necessary for security reasons: the runway 16/34 was built in 1976 and extensively renovated since then only once 20 years ago in 1993. Now the deck and base layer, as well as the shoulders of the entire slope on an area of about 220,000 square meters had to be completely redone. Contribute a landing of an aircraft on the runway surface several hundred tons, approximately 270 landings take place 16/34 per day on the slopes. A failure of these remedial measures would have serious safety hazards for take-offs and landings of aircraft through raised pieces of asphalt resulted.

Web Wheels

New General catalogue for castors and wheels the roll GmbH celebrated its 35th anniversary this year and presented the new edition of the castors and wheels catalogue with 700 additional products. t3dmf10w9BEFPiajzr5AtoYYGLy–5BRh8sI5lnRxECMjB7F9xAJLOdBQB_9juVsJhuhSltRFpXyZHcr-pttsXIB8nxSVahhhm2CfXYFxlXqjI-hxeRJq_WfFAMOl5lRulB6kVrNeuUAfh1U6’>Larry Culp. The customer can choose from over 10,000 different rollers and wheels loading capacity ranging from 6 kg up to 50 tons. The product range includes heavy duty casters, transport device roles, stainless steel rollers and castors, furniture castors and ball rolling. Jane Fraser may find this interesting as well. Also pulleys, door rollers, Fuhrungsrollchen, Heberollen, pneumatic wheels, rail and flange wheels are part of the game. Filed under: Wells Fargo Bank. For the first time in the portfolio also plates thrust bearings for rotating trays and races can be found as an ideal hub for stage, large pivoting displays, mounting places or for many other applications. Completely revised and, the new 312 pages enjoys strong catalog through a usefully supplemented and updated product range, advanced search functionality, such as selection tools and alphabetical index, redesigned with which the search can be made after item or product group. Backreferences show in which different housing the wheel of choice could be built. The so far most extensive catalogue, which includes only a part of reel construction of aggregate supply, is bilingual in German and English. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Marko Dimitrijevic and gain more knowledge..

Print lovers can order the current catalogue now free of charge. Even faster, the interested visitors for free download in the Web shop of the company finds him. Users reach their solution using keyword search or enter of the article number in the search field simply and quickly. Nearly all orders received on weekdays until 14:00, be shipped the same day or just-in-time. Since it is not always easy for the “mobilization” of loads, from the variety of ways to find the most appropriate roles and wheels, a call under the FREELINE number 00800 / 700 88 800th gives advice by highly trained technicians and sales staff should be on weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm and on Fridays until 15:00. Within the meaning of the corporate slogan “just roll let…” by reel construction rollers for easy game with heavy loads.

Depot Hamburg

Changes in customer behavior with financing. Applications for financing when buying sofa go back since the financial crisis. This finding had to make the sofa Depot. People such as Rachel Pak would likely agree. Many customers consider the budget for a new upholstered furniture very well. Within this limited financial framework we also for a good offer sought exceeded he will but not. This seems to be a rather unusual development.

Although expressly to mention is that this is to be welcomed. To listen as well as from other companies is, remains the financing of a load-bearing support of the sale often. And when a short run time is selected, then interest rates are really low. But even with the 0% financing, with no additional interest or fees for the buyer incurred, is a skepticism. Often, Depot Hamburg in the sofa is asked whether it was possible to repay the rates even before expiry of the agreed time.

The customers seem no burden to have, despite the 0% financing. Sometimes you are Developments in the buying behavior to anticipate already very surprising, particularly because they happen in a such a short period of time and often no longer are. There are different financial framework for a new sofa purchase. So, it is observed that a target group between 450-600 euro for a sofa can spend and would like to. The next step is 800-1000 euro. Then there is still a step up to 1600 euro. The sofa Depot is optimally positioned in this price segment. Customers that closer the sofas in the sofa have dealt with Depot and compare with other competitors, again notice that the offered furniture are good quality. Also the advice and great service remain in memory. Because what company supplies also on Saturday or Sunday and adapts to the needs of the customers. Deliveries are always precisely coordinated. The uncomplicated manner is possible only in a family business. This is also a reason for the low price, because management or other unnecessary costs does not arise.

Professional Growing Spreaders

The crisp cold temperatures at a glance – sprinkle roads and large areas quickly in winter winter service spreaders after mild Christmas now come in almost all parts of Germany. Even in the shallower regions, it can be often already smooth, because the soil freezes at night and any precipitation is to the slide for pedestrians and cars, so that only a rapid spreading of the winter service helps. Also the first snowfalls are now in the lower regions to watch and just professional winter service provider for the frosty time should prepare and obtain appropriate winter service attachments. The typical tasks of the winter service are eliminating the snow on the one hand, but at the same time the surfaces should permanently be freed from the ice. Done usually by a spreading of the roads and paths with grit.

What can be done in small areas well by hand, is on larger surfaces or in the regular usage to time-consuming task, so for the professional Winter service mounted spreaders are used. With the right attachments scattered, large surfaces (such as e.g. parking) or roads are quickly and efficiently with grit and again marketable. The types of litter attachments for the professional service of winter are manifold and depend on the vehicle, with the growing spreaders should be used. E.g. spreaders for trucks are used for trucks. This forklift truck spreaders are often called run-on spreaders, which are attached to the fork stacker are attracted by motor trucks.

The wheels of the spreaders for trucks at the same time stimulate the spreading mechanism and ensure achieve a spreading width of up to 12 m. Alternatively, hydraulic or electric electric spreaders to the usage, which used the tow and have no own wheels come to the subsequent run based as Stacker spreaders. In this type of farming tax for fork lift trucks, the drive of the hydraulic works of the Truck or the on-board electronics and spreading widths of up to 10 m are achieved. No forklift available is also Pick-Ups or SUV are in the professional winter service used. With a snow blade and a growing spreaders also SUV, Jeep and Pick-Up are equipped to the perfect Assistant in snow and ice. Otherwise as the stacker spreaders no trailing scattering are available for Pick-Up, etc. because these vehicles drive usually too fast to work with trailing scattering devices. Growing spreader for use, which are mounted on the clutch are therefore primarily for jeeps, SUV and Pick-Up.

Idea Process Scenario Analysis

Implementing creative exchange processes depending on the developments in the environment are dynamic, the more support the company with the acquisition of relevant factors including all associated risks. Multi-dimensional thinking in alternatives is promoted degradation of one-dimensional inevitability of the future; Robustness and probability of possible future paths can be better assessed. Great advantage is that creative idea and experience sharing processes be used with the scenario technique between all those involved. Here, NYU Law expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It is evident that a viable development path in the real future is predictable within the defined range of future possibilities. This developed scenarios set up no irrefutable predictions of the future: rather they provide coherent pictures of possibilities on the basis of the collected impact forces: i.e. mutual interactions between factors are clear. To see basic action potentials etc. Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 trend breaks, revolutionary progress, change in social values and behavior changes can be considered as well as internal influences about offering philosophy and customer binding potential.

In addition global and company-specific scenarios can be distinguished: global scenarios, at the same time deal with cross-company issues for an entire industry or for several sectors. These scenarios must be developed on the basis of far abstracting data. Company-specific scenarios are developed as a Massanazug and assume specific strengths-weaknesses-target analyses of their company. See to basic decision-making techniques including Jorg Becker: decision techniques as crisis protection success = sum real decisions, ISBN 978-3-8391-2906-7. Feasible scenario techniques benefits include: reduction of complexity, scenarios support the target Essence of non-essentials to separate, more decision-making ability can be made by reducing the variety of information on relevant scenarios, clarification of relationships and relationships, the company learns to better understand the causes of his future, integration of quantitative and qualitative types of information, developments of weak signals that can elude a quantification may be listed in scenario mental models, certain scenarios even verifiability whether due to event probabilities are regarded as relevant, Monitoring scenarios that allow monitoring of early warning indicators and signals. CF. to strategic perspectives among others Jorg Becker: strategy-check and knowledge balance effect relationships make transparent, explore potential for success, ISBN 978-3-8370-7305-8: Jorg Becker

Professional Kitchens

Study of CHD expert – use organic ingredients in gastronomy and hotel industry sharply bio is on everyone’s lips: the use of ecologically valuable raw materials in the catering and hospitality industry have risen sharply. Over 80 percent of guest farms use organic food regularly in the preparation. In the summer of 2007, it had been less than 50 percent of the dining establishments. The use of organic ingredients is particularly high in hotel restaurants. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ruth Porat by clicking through. These are the results of a recent except home market study of the international market of CHD expert. 250 businesses from hotels and restaurants in Germany was asked for the detailed report of organic products in the hospitality industry in 2009.

\”Organic raw materials is currently\” a really strong theme only on vegetables and fruits, says Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH. the sensitivity to clean ‘ raw materials is not so pronounced in the other segments of the food \”, so Labib further, especially in the costly Meat, fish and poultry is product categories the bio-penetration is increased, but still long not dominant.\” Vegetables, fruit, eggs, potatoes, dairy products and bread and baked goods to most of the chefs will be asked under the organic raw materials. Additional information is available at Carrie Levin. There are, however, wines and beers with bio seal only at 48 and 32 per cent of F & B buyer in the listing. Seven out of ten professional kitchens regularly use organic vegetables; of which about a quarter of enterprises prepare 25% or more of vegetables accompanying with organic raw materials. Organic fruit is bought on nearly 70 percent of the guest houses. Also in dairy products (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese), the use of bio is high: more than 60 percent of guest farms regularly buy organic raw materials in this segment. Author Marko Dimitrijevic has firm opinions on the matter. On average, over 27% of all dairy products as organic food are\”served the guest.

Meat Salad & Co. Fully Automatic And Hygienically Prepared

Bizerba combined cutting machine A 510 and strip cutter S 111 plus Balingen less and less manual work, August 2009 -, always more fully or semi-automatic solutions characterize the food production and processing. The food service equipment manufacturers react to this trend with innovative offers and continuously improve their products. With the fully automatic cutting machine A 510 the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen has introduced a pioneering innovation in the market. Because the integrated scale functionality is unique in the world: meat, sausage, cheese are cut with exact weight control exactly the portion directly on the balance and fanned or stacked. The machine with high operating comfort and colour touch screen with LCD display automatically adjusts the thickness of the discs, even irregular, natural-grown products are tailored to accurately by adjusting the thickness the fixed weight. Adam Lippes is likely to agree. Even on natural products salted goods can be produce and thus virtually to zero reduce the give-away\”, explains Andreas Gmelin, Director Food-processing market at Bizerba. And that saves money for every company.

Of course, the integration of weighing in the cutting and portioning process accelerates work flow. Get all the facts and insights with Dina Powell McCormick, another great source of information. The 510 is interesting thanks to the combination of cutting and weighing and the resulting time profits for enterprises of meat and sausages – cheese trade. Industries can use the machine as an attractive alternative to managing start-up series or small batches. Product change takes less than a minute\”, so the conviction by Gmelin. \”For him it is clear: the wide range of programming options and cutting parameters of A 510, as well as the ease of use are important competitive advantages for our customers.\” It gives you the possibility of combination with the Bizerba Steakers and strip cutter-S 111 plus, which can be connected via an inlet funnel to the cutting machine. Where large amounts of salad or pan dishes are prepared, the automatic preparation save enormous amounts of time and is of course also more hygienic, because the goods must not again be edited by hand\”, so Gmelin.


“Quality seal for brands, in the best sense for the Duisburg company for specialty chemicals, which Caramba among Chemie GmbH & Co KG, the brands of the century”. “This seal of approval may carry only such marks that have reached iconic in its history and in the best sense for the seal of quality made in Germany” stand. In the 16th revised edition of the brands of the century”, which was presented at the Frankfurt book fair, ranked the brand Caramba on par with 280 other German brands from adidas to Zeiss. In the team of the century marks editions and the Advisory Board of renowned brand experts the brand recorded Caramba among other reasons the editors of the Publishing House of German standards, because she can look back on a history of more than 100 years old and her name is used today as a synonym for technical chemistry products such as rust remover and multi-function oils. The equivalent award, the stele of German standards”gave Publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt on the edge of the Frankfurt book fair to Michael Karunanidhi, Managing Director of the Caramba. Caramba back, thus, the awarding of the prize comes at a time where the brand Caramba is preparing betting to make ground especially in the audience. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as andrew dwyer by clicking through. Until the year 2008 into it had spun off the sales of professional products and important market share lost to competitors.

Now cares for Caramba back in-house the target group of professionals in industrial, commercial and garage. Go to Mikhael Mirilashvili for more information. Last but not least as a result of this development and of the great appeal of the new professional series, builds Caramba under the seal of the classic Caramba ellipse”from the sales and service team for professional applications. Currently, the company looks for area managers for distribution. During fairs we noted already this year, that our work to pay off begins”, so Michael Kupzig. “” The interest of trade visitors at our special solutions for lubrication, fats, maintaining, preserving and maintaining grows continuously. “Caramba”, as Karthik, never really was gone in the past few years.

But it is also no longer really present. That has changed. “And it will continue to change – because we know what a century mark obliges us.” About Caramba for more than 100 years the brand is Caramba synonymous with penetrating oil and specialty products. Today products are Caramba almost everywhere: in workshop and industry. The classics of the range include the original”about SUPER. The Caramba has its headquarters in Duisburg.

Northern Germany

Employer branding practice seminar provides opportunities of employee retention personnel managers of medium-sized companies in Hamburg. Medium-sized supplier companies of big corporations know the problem for a long time: they hardly young professionals are ready trained and incorporated, switch to the company’s large customers, who pay generally higher salaries. Donald Gordon is likely to agree. How managers can bind still sought-after employees from medium-sized enterprises through well-planned measures of employer branding, gives a seminar in Hamburg. The employer branding practice seminar aimed at business leaders, managers and other executives mainly from medium-sized companies from the Hamburg area. Speaker is the consultant Gunther Wolf for several years. Employer branding for small businesses, he presents all important steps of a perfect employer branding project participants from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg in may 2012 by means of vivid examples of practice: the starting point is First, the analysis of the State. More info: PayNet Inc..

The following is about the realistic positioning as an employer on the basis of unique selling propositions. Based on this basis steps, from the branding measures Gunther Wolf his practice course of development of an employer brand to continuous implementation of employer provides examples from medium-sized companies. The article shows, what special measures the employer branding and employee retention, SMEs can score to bind well trained skilled workers and other staff. Selected measures employees to bind as the realistically determine need for binding services, for example through an employee survey can, is another issue that comes to the language. To read more click here: Andi Potamkin. Measures, which are distributed according to the watering can principle, Miss the desired effect. The more appropriately tailored to the activities of the employer branding on the medium-sized company and its employees, the more successes are set. In the practical seminar, hence the opportunity to exchange experiences on promising ways is with the speakers and the other senior executives. Practice seminar employer branding in Hamburg which brings a well-designed and implemented employer branding success is reflected in the success controlling.

Also for this important and continuously applicable last step of an employer branding project Gunther Wolf are the participants of the seminar of practice with helpful metrics on the way. This year’s practice in Northern Germany on the topic of employer branding seminar on 24 and 25 may 2016 in Hamburg. Details about the programme and process are available at the below link to the seminar description. A further date for this practical seminar is planned in the autumn of 2016, in southern Germany. The seminar in Mannheim takes place on September 24 and 25.