Successful Entrepreneurs

Kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors in Berlin 09.03.2010 Berlin/Marburg. On March 4, the opening event of the Germany-wide network of Ambassadors took place in Berlin. The European Commission called last year in the life of the network, to promote business start-ups by women. As the step towards independence can succeed and be linked with family and private life, the Marburger Erfolgsunternehmerin Dr. Karin Uphoff described Managing Director of think-tank uphoff pr & marketing, in her keynote address. Together with about 100 guests from politics and economics, the 34 ambassadors celebrated the official opening of their network activities in the representation of the European Commission on March 4 in Berlin.

Representative of the European Commission, the Federal Ministry for education and research, entrepreneurs, financial donors and other partners engaged in with the question of how a founder-friendly climate can be created in Germany and which activities are required to increase the amount and quality of business start-ups and take-overs by women. “The EU corporate ambassadors assume an important task: they zip out”, to encourage nationwide other women to step into independence such as information days, lectures and a continuous presence in the media. The kick-off event of the Germany-wide network of ambassadors was the beginning of a series of planned activities. As a successful and award-winning entrepreneur, Dr. Karin Uphoff reported about the ups and downs of being a women entrepreneurs. Their success story is to encourage women, to all”.

Work, family, and success are not mutually. For we women need to fight, confident and demanding to be public. Ultimately society as a whole benefited, if men and women together to make the German economy”, said Dr. Karin Uphoff. The network is an excellent Platform, to ensure the needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs in the public, to make contacts and to enforce common interests in relation to decision makers in politics and economy.” As boss of 11 employees, 6 x mother and avid sportswoman, Uphoff lives in diversity. The post showed the Swedish EU corporate Ambassador Susanne rack marks that it requires courage, not only a good idea to have, but this also despite initial resistance to market. She reported her company FriGeo, which has developed a process to recover objects from the seabed with a special freezing technique stable and safe. Must entrepreneurs in the German economy fight against which prejudice? How are founders financially supported? And what can a company do so that women have the opportunity to develop their abilities and inclinations and succeed? To these and other challenges we went long in the Panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Christine, OrganoBalance GmBH, Managing Director, President of the Association of German entrepreneurs (VdU), Petra Ledendecker e. V., Dr. Margarita V. Tchouvakhina, Department Director Department of Economics of the KfW banking group and Brigitte Kreisinger, Honorary President National Association of professional and business women groups in the craft. “After the event take participants the opportunity to interact on the issues in detail and to make contacts and thus equate to what was recommended in her presentation Dr. Karin Uphoff: networks, wherever you are this is a decisive success factor!”