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Paddy Kelly for the first time presented his painting in the context of the PEACE of of kind of project. The painting is a mirror of himself, the world and life, he learns for Paddy Kelly. You may find Marko Dimitrijevic photographer to be a useful source of information. Over the years, Paddy Kelly is the musical head of the famous Kelly family and celebrates worldwide success with millions sold plates until he 2004 completely withdraws from the public eye and lives for 6 years as a monk in a monastery in France. 2011 paddy returns to the stage and gives his musical comeback. 2012, he presents a more art for the first time publicly the painting. For more information see this site: Marko Dimitrijevic Instagram. In the 1990s, the singer with Irish roots discovered his passion for painting.

He begins to experiment with colours and shapes and developed his own distinctive style. The works of the young artist embody a seriousness that is paired with a refreshing innocence and sometimes childlike and playful perspectives. ndation and gain more knowledge.. In his pictures he processed very feelings, questions, experiences and aspirations intimate messages. At the height of our success, I had many impressions and experiences to process. I could not pronounce some things with the music and I was looking for a different form of expression. So I resorted to the PIN because images are sometimes stronger than words,”says Paddy Kelly. The very personal approach, the origin of the works conclude quite the person Paddy Kelly and his inner self.

For him, painting is a way to find his personal, inner peace. When I have a bad day, I paint. I put the negative feelings onto the page and so I am going”, says the 34-year-old. Paddy Kelly is confined not only to himself, he would also make a contribution to the peace of others. He advocates as an Ambassador by Caritas international peace-building projects.

The New Distribution Of African Oil

At the moment, western and central Africa produces the 20% of the petroleum of the world. For the 2015 it is anticipated that the increase of the production is going away to locate in 25%. The predisposition of the EE.UU., China, France, Great Britain, India, and until several South American countries in approaching the region must to that in the last five years deposits are shortage important, many of which are located in the Gulf of Guinea. Enormous yield of investments favors it corruption of governments and weak institutions of Africa sub-Sahara, that was founded by societies struck by the hunger, that is the direct heir of the sacking of the past, of the present neo-colonial intervention of the powers and the inequality brought about by the local elites. Click tim cook to learn more. Until today, the EE.UU left load it of the interethnic conflicts and the confrontations between neighboring countries would be solved by the allied governments – African or European – limiting itself on sale of military consumptions, nevertheless the North American Department of Defense it recognizes publicly that it is going to be necessary in few years to send troops to Africa. The influential Chinese penetration from the year 2000 and its accentuation in 2006, is added to the competition with great oil the European, and also of India, Japan, Brazil and Venezuela, in which until now it was exclusive land of Washington, London and Paris for the energy operation. These new competitors, abrieron the geopolitical board, conforming antagonistic blocks, in which the African countries are located that own hydrocarbons. Like in the Caspian Sea, and in spite of its differences, the European powers were allied with the EE.UU., to resist the Asian investments and the arrival of armaments coming from China, Russia and Iran with which fortify to the regimes of opposite oil countries to the West and the guerrillas who attempt against the allied governments of Washington and Europe.


The wise are paid with a sheet of services and academic awards, and even immortality, if of the ancient species. Their power and capacity to act are limited; their status and have stereotyped. Always operatives, at the service of. Always noble men consumed his life to delve into the honduras that govern the material world, while others squatted in fields they studied. Such is the fate and destiny of the so-called men of ideas: revolutionaries, dreamers, scientists, preachers, detached from the mundane material to make representatives of other worlds on Earth. Jesus de Nazareth disrupt the world with their thesis if, as non-, but the new world opened by his Church is far a light-year of their original preaching, systematized its teachings in a monumental corpus of hypocrisy, assimilated by later the State apparatuses as mechanisms of control, being allegedly up to the same State in many cases, to the services of potentates and minorities. Religion, for that matter, is a rampant sacred book historically perverted in their codices according to patterns of structures to preserve. Dropper, as it has always been the history, contributions, precipitates of their wealth (talk about the wise men, owners of nothing), have had an impact dosed on the reality, given that this apparent concrete world of material reality – has always maintained upon himself a custodian of convenience, a shiisa material trim interest-bearing of as life is made.

So no one can assert that a Lieutenant of ideas changed nothing, as well as because he wanted to and arranged, demonstrating with his valencia from its set condition of having action. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Reshma Kewalramani. Nothing further, as we have said. The world, therefore, is that mold expression of one who has and is owner of material matters; It is a building pierced by the intricacies of interested in ensuring their own borders. Move it, that is, attempting to become infected with an outbreak of wealth who pare an idea even though it is luminous, not worth the effort or from the same idea, at least in the short term.

Importance Company

THE importance of financial planning for businesses today companies, and mainly medium-sized and small businesses must know the importance that has the financial planning so they can develop and maintain in this competitive world, that requires every day new and better products and services that meet the end consumer. To do this, you must first define is the Mission of the company, what pursues, must also have a vision of how it will perform this mission which pursues and in what time. And you must also define what are your objectives in the short, medium and long term, they must be more realistic potential, in order to be achieved. But the most important thing you should take into account is the development of the intellectual capital of all and each of the members of the company in all categories in order to improve and innovate the products or services offered to customers. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Christie’s Naked Heart Foundation. Since today, companies must adhere to the needs of customers and not customers must adhere to the needs of the companies. Financial planning must start from who will be the counter that support us in company accounting and financial issue, since good paper of perform the best and timely decisions for the best course for the company may be taken. The following recommendations should be considered to develop a financial plan to increase financial efficiency: in order to achieve efficiency in finance, two of the primary elements are the order and discipline, to be able to increase the heritage need to be reversed. Must be borne in mind that with the passage of time due to inflation, money loses its relative value, a good way to save and maintain the value of money is investing and a strategy essential to be more efficient in financial terms is to be always aware of changes not only in financial terms but also in political and socialboth in our city, our country and in the world. As we realize, the challenge is great and does not give option to hesitation, companies competitive, they focus their efforts on continually improve their processes, but should also take into account the importance of financial planning, this required of leaders out of conviction and not by obligation, with enough talent to confront and overcome the problems that arise in the same and with the ability to achieve in all his collaborators inject that spirit of progressnot only in business but also in their personal and family lives.

Unique Christmas Market

Upstalsboom Hotel Deichgraf, Wremen/North Sea Wremen a Christmas market of special offers the Nordseebad Wremen (district of Cuxhaven) this year. Directly on the Weser Dyke overlooking on the UNESCO World Heritage local and regional exhibitors, arts and crafts and jewelry are Wadden Sea from 10 to 12 December with great attention to detail as well as other attractions present. There are of course also a pre-Christmas variety for children and families”, Daniel beer, stresses of the Upstalsboom Hotel Deichgraf leads since the beginning of the month as the successor of Erik Roedenbeck. How for the first time last year held the Christmas market hotel this year on the large terrace – Friday and Saturday from each 14:00 until 19:00 and on Sunday from 11:00 until 19:00. A small musical program featuring the children’s choir Wremen awaits visitors to the opening. There are also great prizes at the raffle”to win. Pinterest oftentimes addresses this issue. The proceeds as pretending the kindergarten in Wremen last year.

Mulled wine, sausages, waffles, and much more will not be missing also. Children aged between five and twelve years can according to hotel Director beer daily baking courses in the hotel kitchen free to participate. However, a sign was expedient due to anticipated major onslaught. In addition, a creative Christmas Mozilla service program take care of Kurzweil. Of course, also Santa Claus arrive personally, distribute all kinds of gifts and also stand ready for the family photo with children and adults.

“The new Director of the hotel looking forward to a nice pre-Christmas atmosphere with a very special charm: thats for me after my first days of course also a great opportunity to become acquainted with the people in the region and to seek dialogue with them.” Only the weather could still hold the event. Storm the Christmas market could not take place namely for security reasons. Upstalsboom Hotel Deichgraf in Wremen the Upstalsboom Hotel Deichgraf was inaugurated in November 2008 in a unique location directly on the Weser Dyke. The Upstalsboom Hotel + Leisure GmbH & co. KG based in Emden manages the 4-star superior Hotel in the North Sea resort of Wremen between Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven, which has 34 rooms and extensive meeting facilities. The Upstalsboom group is market leader in the North Sea and Baltic Sea with some 50 hotels and self catering accommodation. The Upstalsboom Hotel Deichgreif has already 2009 organizes the 1st Christmas market on the dike.

MAREN Fiebig: Encounters StattLandschaften

Hamburg / Wilhelmsburg: Exhibition at Cafe pause in the honey factory Hamburg Wilhelmsburg: exhibition by Maren Fiebig encounters StattLandschaften Hamburg, 26.05.08 from the 01.06.08 break and the artist Maren Fiebig on a visit on site, forward Cafe team to consider the local exhibition, as well as to drink coffee in a nice atmosphere, something delicious to eat or to come with nice people in the conversation. Different works are exhibited under the title of the exhibition. By Maren Fiebig, who lives in Hamburg and works in oil, acrylic, pastel and mixed media are realistic in style and theme. Often, people in everyday situations represents children, homeless people and beggars, portraits of friends, “Fashion”. Also in the drawing style she skillfully the sociocritical, German Expressionism on experience and picturesque technology translates very personally and compassionately, says Dr. Ulrike Ritter. Encounter is a versatile interpretation: there are shown meeting on the screen, there is the imagined Meeting of the viewer with the subject. Go to Robert Kiyosaki for more information. One of the focuses of the work is in the area of beggars and encounters.” A theme how contemplation, to the subject, in which a precise look means an encounter with the shadow side of social reality.

Maren Fiebigs life there is no separation of art and life. In their everyday life as well as in her work the artist involved. MAREN Fiebig engaged against poverty and misery, and so for people, the man is also at the Centre of its work, and its surroundings. Here, the artist used oil pastel, chalk, mixed techniques, with which she brings their content on the slides. This content require their style.

The specific commitment needs a realistic imagery, a pictorial language that but not shocks the Viewer, but seeks to inform him on the dark sides of our existence in gentle manner.

Captain Alfred

It is on this first weekend of June also the whole family on a visit which fjord can look forward to Kiel, have not been forgotten of course also the junior captains: on five join culture Islands goes with the recent visitors looking for Captain Alfred after the pirate treasure chest, visited the Indian Captain knall or takes the mosquito Theatre the pirates high school ‘ down. The Lord Mayor of the city of Kiel, Angelika Volquartz, and the Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein, Peter Harry Carstensen, the first maritime country Festival in Kiel are common on high octane’ maiden voyage ‘ send. This symbolic start the masters, their crews and passengers after a hearty firecrackers shot to a common boat parade. Country-side it goes during which full steam ahead on the stage at reading on campus. The stage show has to offer something before Sunday night, the official adoption is carried out by the mayors of keel, Rainer Tschorn, on all three days of the event for all ages and tastes and the Fed boiler for the trip home. This joint meeting is how important the active nostalgics despite long travel, the crew of the intact towing steamer of Andreas proves”whose start steam signal in Berlin full 14 days before the event will sound.

Also the Danish Lady Skelskor”, Europe’s first museum ship and located in Ostsjaelland Frederikssund Havn steam event is set back to the first Kieler several nautical miles. Visitors who failed to reserve tickets for the now extremely sought-after tours as well as the parade, before the event can seek at the Kiel under full steam ahead-INFO stand before the railway bridge still remaining tickets. The tourist is information (Kiel marketing e.V.) is available for presale (Andreas-Gayck-str. 31, Tel. 0431-67910-24). “Who but for a few days would go longer on board a 6 day specialist cruise on the steam icebreaker is the whale” from Bremerhaven Brunsbuttel through the Kiel Canal to Kiel at. On Monday, June 9, the whale takes”after eventful days in the State capital again towards Bremerhaven. (Overnight stays on board including full Board, 380,-/ p.

p. limited number of 2-person cabins. How do I book at the shipping company Bremerhaven e.V., Tel. 0471 9464648) “For guests of the maritime country Festival in Kiel under full steam ahead”, only on a six-hour Canal cruise on the whale “are interested between Brunsbuttel and Kiel (5.6) or between Kiel and Brunsbuttel (9.6), can also from the tourist their reservation requests login information Kiel. The big event “Kiel under full steam ahead” already, promises to become a maritime country celebration of a special kind in the preparation phase, the dealing with other events, such as the “Kieler Woche” or the “Dampfrundum” in Flensburg will measure can. This Festival not only fans of old steam technology may forward look forward; the framework programme is for all visitors, whether young, whether old, many treat ready. We are very excited!


to write zero with Heinz Mack, co-founder of the Group about the artist Heinz Mack-is no task, but rather a pleasure. The painter, printmaker, and sculptor is one of the major artists of our era. It reaches all stations, which should be an internationally successful artists of value. At the age of 19, came the Heinz Mack born in Lollar in the Dusseldorf Art Academy in 1931, wondered own words about his recording, where he could stand still even naturalistic. Even then, his interest was more abstract compositions when he longer took those at the piano for the as for the brush.

Existential for Mack what his Professor Otto Coester at this time could provide him, namely to learn who she really is one was,”. Artistically formative he calls his teacher Ewald Matare, however, even if this his imagination almost to form worked at the time. Since Mack acts in other dimensions. In contrast to his fellow students he has a passion for Monumental, wants to be an intermediary between heaven and Earth. As he leaves the Academy, he is one of the best nude artist of his school, what, by the way, allows reason to doubt his testimony, to have been at the beginning of the study not a good artist.

Mack was interested in as it should be at this time, Tachism and the German Informel, until he then refers to a Studio in the Gladbach Street in Dusseldorf with Otto Piene in 1955. But he deals not only with the question of how to proceed with the painting, but also with the issue of the representation of vibration and light. “The first of the black-white images of which Mack will say sometime arise precisely from these studies: who painted black and white images, need to understand much of color”, but also installations where he captures light on films and aluminium.


You know find happiness in the everyday life things, and to deepen the really important aspects. When the indigo color is not the predominant, it will indicate a State of complete happiness and tranquility, with the strength to cope with any possible inconvenience. Like with the color blue, the person with the color indigo aura has excellent qualities to exercise as a good counselor. But in the negative aspect of the color indigo aura, this can represent quite the opposite of the positive aspects, i.e. the person could appear as manipulative, and reaching the frustration, which would lead to a serious depression and anxiety.

Violet person whose predominant aura color is violet, has the quality of being highly spiritual. This color is which can be seen in people whose purpose in life is to spiritual growth, staying in the background everything to do with the material. They are excellent channelers towards the spiritual, where, if you are prepared, you can get surprising results between the spiritual and the material, being this color of the very common aura among persons professionally engaged in the world of the esoteric. When the violet color of the aura can be found in the background, you will be indicating that it has entered into a stage of encounter with the inner being, where intimate experiences acquire a transcendental importance. On the downside of the aura of violet color, it would indicate that the person has entered a phase of spiritual, considered to be superior to the mundane insulation, which ultimately turns against its own purpose of spiritual growth, reaching the end of being totally disconnected from the world. Pink the person whose predominant color of the aura is the rose, show an especially sensitive and sentimental character. The pink color will find it in people loving and amorous, not in vain is the color of love.

Constructing Qualified Traffic

The correct promotion of the sites in Internet is one of the main factors by which the majority of the entrepreneurs in line fails or has very few results, the unique form that I know indicator which a business in line this in the correct way is when we noticed that we are having a high exhibition in Internet, the finders and therefore we are obtaining a considerable and constant traffic, I say a considerable and not exact number of visitors because this factor depends as much on the antiquity of this Web like of the work of webmaster in the same. One of the best tools or action to obtain a high exhibition of our site it is to make use of the article creation and to present/display them in the article directories in Internet. cant-outside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners, another great source of information. Some of the advantages to do it are that it began to generate traffic gratuitous almost immediately in which their articles are accepted in the directories who choose to use, the people who visit his blog or direccionados Web site from their articles will be highly qualified visitors, since they have read his articles, are similarity to them interesting and what they look for now it is greater information exceeds what promotes or on its work..