Captain Alfred

It is on this first weekend of June also the whole family on a visit which fjord can look forward to Kiel, have not been forgotten of course also the junior captains: on five join culture Islands goes with the recent visitors looking for Captain Alfred after the pirate treasure chest, visited the Indian Captain knall or takes the mosquito Theatre the pirates high school ‘ down. The Lord Mayor of the city of Kiel, Angelika Volquartz, and the Minister-President of Schleswig-Holstein, Peter Harry Carstensen, the first maritime country Festival in Kiel are common on high octane’ maiden voyage ‘ send. This symbolic start the masters, their crews and passengers after a hearty firecrackers shot to a common boat parade. Country-side it goes during which full steam ahead on the stage at reading on campus. The stage show has to offer something before Sunday night, the official adoption is carried out by the mayors of keel, Rainer Tschorn, on all three days of the event for all ages and tastes and the Fed boiler for the trip home. This joint meeting is how important the active nostalgics despite long travel, the crew of the intact towing steamer of Andreas proves”whose start steam signal in Berlin full 14 days before the event will sound.

Also the Danish Lady Skelskor”, Europe’s first museum ship and located in Ostsjaelland Frederikssund Havn steam event is set back to the first Kieler several nautical miles. Visitors who failed to reserve tickets for the now extremely sought-after tours as well as the parade, before the event can seek at the Kiel under full steam ahead-INFO stand before the railway bridge still remaining tickets. The tourist is information (Kiel marketing e.V.) is available for presale (Andreas-Gayck-str. 31, Tel. 0431-67910-24). “Who but for a few days would go longer on board a 6 day specialist cruise on the steam icebreaker is the whale” from Bremerhaven Brunsbuttel through the Kiel Canal to Kiel at. On Monday, June 9, the whale takes”after eventful days in the State capital again towards Bremerhaven. (Overnight stays on board including full Board, 380,-/ p.

p. limited number of 2-person cabins. How do I book at the shipping company Bremerhaven e.V., Tel. 0471 9464648) “For guests of the maritime country Festival in Kiel under full steam ahead”, only on a six-hour Canal cruise on the whale “are interested between Brunsbuttel and Kiel (5.6) or between Kiel and Brunsbuttel (9.6), can also from the tourist their reservation requests login information Kiel. The big event “Kiel under full steam ahead” already, promises to become a maritime country celebration of a special kind in the preparation phase, the dealing with other events, such as the “Kieler Woche” or the “Dampfrundum” in Flensburg will measure can. This Festival not only fans of old steam technology may forward look forward; the framework programme is for all visitors, whether young, whether old, many treat ready. We are very excited!