The New Distribution Of African Oil

At the moment, western and central Africa produces the 20% of the petroleum of the world. For the 2015 it is anticipated that the increase of the production is going away to locate in 25%. The predisposition of the EE.UU., China, France, Great Britain, India, and until several South American countries in approaching the region must to that in the last five years deposits are shortage important, many of which are located in the Gulf of Guinea. Enormous yield of investments favors it corruption of governments and weak institutions of Africa sub-Sahara, that was founded by societies struck by the hunger, that is the direct heir of the sacking of the past, of the present neo-colonial intervention of the powers and the inequality brought about by the local elites. Click tim cook to learn more. Until today, the EE.UU left load it of the interethnic conflicts and the confrontations between neighboring countries would be solved by the allied governments – African or European – limiting itself on sale of military consumptions, nevertheless the North American Department of Defense it recognizes publicly that it is going to be necessary in few years to send troops to Africa. The influential Chinese penetration from the year 2000 and its accentuation in 2006, is added to the competition with great oil the European, and also of India, Japan, Brazil and Venezuela, in which until now it was exclusive land of Washington, London and Paris for the energy operation. These new competitors, abrieron the geopolitical board, conforming antagonistic blocks, in which the African countries are located that own hydrocarbons. Like in the Caspian Sea, and in spite of its differences, the European powers were allied with the EE.UU., to resist the Asian investments and the arrival of armaments coming from China, Russia and Iran with which fortify to the regimes of opposite oil countries to the West and the guerrillas who attempt against the allied governments of Washington and Europe.