East 2012 will be a year full of activities organized by the University of Cadiz, on the occasion of the celebration of the bicentennial of the liberal Constitution of 1812. It is a comprehensive package of more than 600 activities, framed all the motto accompanying the bicentennial. So have announced it from the University Centre, pointing that these activities are carried out from the perspective of strengthening the set of different celebrations that will take place from public and private institutions.More than 600 activities of the University of Cadiz on the occasion of the bicentenary from Hotel Monte Puertatierra, one of the hotels in Cadiz four star, and through this corporate BLOG, will inform you of the activities carried out. This package of acts, that will take place throughout the year, is divided into five different axes, namely: conferences and academic events, socio-cultural activities, communication, participation and internationalisation programmes. Gives rise, therefore, to the creation of 81 different programs, in which an estimated 130,000 people participation.


Before interested in Tarot, to which, in honor of the truth, at first I also desprestigiaba, the four elements of nature I captivated in a special way. Shortly after I saw that, under the guise of gods and demigods in many cases, these four forces hide an ancient code in which almost anything can be associated with a particular element, exactly equal to as does the Tarot. But, what exactly are the elements? Elements are archetypes, i.e. universal symbols, that under the beautiful iconography of nature and, on the basis of the different States of matter, dignify and classify everything that exists, forming an impressive philosophical and vital code that has been existing in our world since the earliest civilizations. Our emotions, our thoughts and feelings, and all our spiritual processes are reflected in this mysterious code that aims to teach us to recover that link that old man remained with the nature. Later we will studying each element separately, but in a first approximation we can see the Western elementary classification and characteristics of each one in this small organization chart: Earth is the element of the physical, tangible and the mundane. Female, cold and dry qualities attributed to him.

It is prosperity, crop harvesting, stability, firmness and basic sustenance. Its color is green and its cardinal direction is North. Elemental spirits are Gnomes, which symbolically protect forests said. The astrological signs of Earth are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, who granted bravery, innocence, perseverance and determination. Tarot represents it oros rosewood, associated with prosperity, money, possessions and the economy. Air is the element of the idea, the word and the mental. Masculine, warm, moist qualities attributed to him. It is freedom, inventiveness, imagination, the thinking and communication. Its color is yellow and its cardinal direction is East. The elemental spirits of the air are the Sylphs, who symbolically saved the heavens.

The Possibility

From there I decided to return to my journey, whatever it is and I focused on my wishes looking for ways to take them forward. Since then I have been the habit of using my emotions, thoughts, sensations, in short everything that comes out of me, as sensors indicators of It was where I’m leading my life. Further details can be found at Christie’s, an internet resource. I consider myself lucky to feel that I have in me the compass that I need to take me to fruition. Use the complaint as an indicator of your degree of dissatisfaction. Go ahead and take action. Leave the back complaint. Reshma Kewalramani does not necessarily agree. He has already shown you your focus of discontent.

Now let go and commit yourself to give you what you need in that area of your life that you’re complaining about. You complain of your work? Because that means you’re not unemployed. Grateful for having a job, and if indeed your work does not satisfy you, be willing to look for one that reward you, find it quiet and at your own pace, committing you to give a better job option. You complain of your partner? Then it means that you have a traveling companion. Thanks that you have a partner. Consider your needs to give you the possibility of you satisfacer them. And if still not, release to give space to the couple suitable for you and place. You complain of not find couple? Because it means that you still believe in finding one.

Thanks have a heart that despite the injury and disagreements even willing to try it, and if you still can’t find it, ask for what you want a partner? If you want it to calm down your loneliness, it is likely that you will not find it, the couple is to experience sharing and sharing – you and not to fill your loneliness. Working on yourself, be prepared to share – you. With all this I tell you to let you express your regret and discontent through the complaint, because you only manage to increase them! Instead, it looks in your interior, seeks to your around and finds reasons to thank. Removes the focus of what you don’t want, watch what you like in your life. It is not true that you have nothing that pleases you enough. I’re reading truth? It means that you can see and you know read! Maybe don’t you like you see? Maybe don’t you like you know read? Because it appreciates that you see and that you have the good fortune of being literate! Stop the habit of complaining! Use the complaint to be aware of the areas of your life that require a major commitment on your part. Original author and source of the article

The Company

Also It might be on delivering the business part of payment unit. Measures of this type can not only become which serve to overcome the crisis and save the company. Also enable the company to divest certain unused assets, decrease the pressure of future cash flows and show a willingness to honor the commitments. Or completion of alliances: Besides being another good alternative to deal with the crisis, the accomplishment of partnerships can allow develop, at the same time, businesses that will endure once overcome the difficulties. In search of candidates for such alliances should not look only to pairs.

It is possible that any creditor of the company is willing to establish a partnership or a new society and, as part of the transaction, consider the ordering of such secured creditor liabilities. Consider, for example, the case of a provider willing to join us to enter with our products in a market known for him but still not explored by our company. Knowledge by the provider of said market, coupled with our operational capabilities, they could make viable a project that allows to implement a scheme whereby part of the gains resulting from the company is intended to cancel the debt with the provider. A scheme of this kind presents multiple advantages, namely: or the company finds a mechanism to reorder their debts with the suppliers. Or the supplier is a mechanism of recovery of their claims. Or he is restored, on good terms, the supplier relationship.

The company maintains or increases the level of activity. Or starts a process that could deepen and strengthen in the future. Or incorporation of partners: beyond the fresh funds that they may contribute, these actions are often sweaters of agreements with creditors, who see the entry of new members to the company winds. I.e. arise alternatives for refinancing or restructuring of liabilities that have not been for the entry of new shareholders, had not existed.

Regional Executive Committee

Mayor of ALCOBENDAS Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa, born in Madrid on 6 November 1948. Lives in Alcobendas for 24 years, married with four children. Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa is the Mayor of Alcobendas (Madrid), and President of the Popular Party in this city. Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa studied law at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since the beginning of his labour activity has developed its vocation as an entrepreneur promoting the creation of several SMEs.

In addition, it should be noted that Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa: began his relationship with politics joining UCD and participating in the Organization of the campaign of the first democratic elections. Since then, and until 1999, he worked in various areas of the people’s Party and is currently member of the Regional Executive Committee and Secretary for political action. He chairs the Commission on economy and employment of the Madrid Federation of municipalities. Since the election of 1999, and until the last mandate, He has been spokesman for the Popular Party in the city of Alcobendas. On 16 June 2007 he was elected Mayor of Alcobendas, after the victory of the PP absolute majority in municipal elections on May 27.

Joako Murgas

Tribute to the King of the time lately scenarios is going fast. But really fast. Not otherwise explained that seven years since when departed for eternity Joako Murgas, the King of the scenarios after. The news about the death of this friend and pupil has been one of the most bad of how many have received in my life. According to the manuals of journalism one must learn to not be astonished at all, but the departure of a friend will always leave you perplexed. Newcomer to Maicao after a trip which turned academic commitments I collected in Duarte, the kindest driver terminal city. Not let me accommodate well when released, without anesthesia, the bad new: our mutual friend had died victim of a tragic accident.

The mood changed immediately. The joy of Homecoming was transformed into melancholy. Now the soul was wrinkled and mind filled with memories of the friend. My hands were rigid and my pale countenance. The view is clouded and I realized that she was crying again as I did when departed Armando Correa Saavedra, another close colleague in the everyday struggles of journalism, who two years earlier had gone. It was on 22 March 2003 and nobody would presage the fate of that boy cheerful and bouncy, who daily filled with his melodious voice Guajira households through the radio. Life reached him to be speaker, journalist, animator, college student and what you enjoyed most, a man of the people and for the people. The day of the funeral, the community met at the University of la Guajira to pay tribute to the friend and companion.

There, with tears in his eyes, someone promised to write a book that reflect its history, anecdotes, achievements and accomplishments. It was Wilder Murgas, his brother and a friend. Three years later, the book was printed and in circulation. It is entitled: Joako Murgas, the King of the scenarios. Wilder has fulfilled his word and in interviews for radio, where before the voice be heard now absent from Joako, repeated with insistence that the book is also a tribute to Armando Correa Saavedra, Edgar Perez Acosta, alvaro Duarte Padilla and Jaime Rengifo Junior, who delighted us with their prodigious voices now make company somewhere in eternity.