Before interested in Tarot, to which, in honor of the truth, at first I also desprestigiaba, the four elements of nature I captivated in a special way. Shortly after I saw that, under the guise of gods and demigods in many cases, these four forces hide an ancient code in which almost anything can be associated with a particular element, exactly equal to as does the Tarot. But, what exactly are the elements? Elements are archetypes, i.e. universal symbols, that under the beautiful iconography of nature and, on the basis of the different States of matter, dignify and classify everything that exists, forming an impressive philosophical and vital code that has been existing in our world since the earliest civilizations. Our emotions, our thoughts and feelings, and all our spiritual processes are reflected in this mysterious code that aims to teach us to recover that link that old man remained with the nature. Later we will studying each element separately, but in a first approximation we can see the Western elementary classification and characteristics of each one in this small organization chart: Earth is the element of the physical, tangible and the mundane. Female, cold and dry qualities attributed to him.

It is prosperity, crop harvesting, stability, firmness and basic sustenance. Its color is green and its cardinal direction is North. Elemental spirits are Gnomes, which symbolically protect forests said. The astrological signs of Earth are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, who granted bravery, innocence, perseverance and determination. Tarot represents it oros rosewood, associated with prosperity, money, possessions and the economy. Air is the element of the idea, the word and the mental. Masculine, warm, moist qualities attributed to him. It is freedom, inventiveness, imagination, the thinking and communication. Its color is yellow and its cardinal direction is East. The elemental spirits of the air are the Sylphs, who symbolically saved the heavens.