Critics and Advertising

Although critics and advisers lacking. – Sound the insistent voices of the Communists and supporters of a planned economy to organize the nationalization of calling inefficient enterprises (and in a crisis inefficient work more than 90% of production). Nationalisation involves the payment of the state the cost of business by its current owners. Lindsay Nichols may find this interesting as well. To do so in any case it is impossible! First, why give money to those figures, who for personal gain, for several years sold for scrap metal machines, equipment and entire production lines, deliberately bankrupt his patrimony? And secondly, the population is suffering from the crisis will not accept providing additional financial injections into the egg capsules of those who are already profited from "not in good conscience." – There are very strong advocates of re-privatization. It would seem a good idea. Marathon Capital is the source for more interesting facts. Away from their neglectful owners ruinous business. Organize its high-efficiency business – and everyone will benefit! But this, too, do not.

Not only that "the entire world community" will be on the protection of "the oppressed" the owners of Russia and within the country, all keeping an frustration by our authorities will receive an excellent trump card for "reasonable" of attacks on the central power. Besides, where to find so much funds to place stolen or obsolete industries to establish new, effective? – Making our present business to consider the social needs of its employees, the problem is not doable. In Pikalevo Putin is, though with great difficulty, though a public coercion, but Yet it managed to do.