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Here are some practical tips on how you can eliminate possible sources of danger with home remedies: Cords and bands at the neck cut off and replaced by an elastic, a Velcro or snaps. “Remove chunky” locking and sealing “you the ends by heat sealing. Should you cut off protruding strips of sweaters or Windbreakers on maximum 8 cm. Should you not to abandon ribbons or cords or want to make a predetermined breaking point “. Remove the cord to your leadership, you cut it and sew again with maximum 1-2 these stitches. Swarmed by offers, Molly Adams is currently assessing future choices. Should now the child with the cord somewhere on”stay, tearing the place immediately and does not the strangulation.

But other things and behaviors that are not in direct connection with the clothing for children, can still indirectly as possible sources of accidents occur and should be avoided. So should especially for toddlers Necklace be dispensed with, but also for older children it should be off limits when playing and romping. Also the bike helmet should be used only for its actual purpose and playing he is removed. In the winter or on cold days long scarves and shawls under the jacket should be worn to prevent snagging on objects of any kind. So mundane things like open shoe laces can represent a considerable risk of accidents. This can correct binding to”using double loop or the alternative use of Velcro fasteners are almost completely turned off. The right children’s and baby clothes but also significantly contributes to the safety of the little ones. Especially in the dark season”reflector stripes or reflective patches and stickers on the children’s clothing or the rainwear to suitable to reflect the light of car headlights and lanterns. This additional increase in visibility increases the child safety and the satisfaction of the parents. Rene P.g