The Company

Also It might be on delivering the business part of payment unit. Measures of this type can not only become which serve to overcome the crisis and save the company. Also enable the company to divest certain unused assets, decrease the pressure of future cash flows and show a willingness to honor the commitments. Or completion of alliances: Besides being another good alternative to deal with the crisis, the accomplishment of partnerships can allow develop, at the same time, businesses that will endure once overcome the difficulties. In search of candidates for such alliances should not look only to pairs.

It is possible that any creditor of the company is willing to establish a partnership or a new society and, as part of the transaction, consider the ordering of such secured creditor liabilities. Consider, for example, the case of a provider willing to join us to enter with our products in a market known for him but still not explored by our company. Knowledge by the provider of said market, coupled with our operational capabilities, they could make viable a project that allows to implement a scheme whereby part of the gains resulting from the company is intended to cancel the debt with the provider. A scheme of this kind presents multiple advantages, namely: or the company finds a mechanism to reorder their debts with the suppliers. Or the supplier is a mechanism of recovery of their claims. Or he is restored, on good terms, the supplier relationship.

The company maintains or increases the level of activity. Or starts a process that could deepen and strengthen in the future. Or incorporation of partners: beyond the fresh funds that they may contribute, these actions are often sweaters of agreements with creditors, who see the entry of new members to the company winds. I.e. arise alternatives for refinancing or restructuring of liabilities that have not been for the entry of new shareholders, had not existed.