Market Incentive Program

Federal Government stops funding for renewable energy, which now meets any budget freeze for the promotion of renewable energy in power Germany in the middle of the development of this young industry. The market incentive program (MAP) was stopped on the 03.05.2010 by the Federal Government. The funding grants of the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA) are already exhausted. Get more background information with materials from Linkedin. No requests for funding are accepted for bio mass heating systems, solar collectors, heat pumps and mini CHP. For small installations of cogeneration (mini CHP) and the programme for the promotion of climate protection projects in municipalities must be stopped even retroactively. This will increase the uncertainty of consumers to support programmes of the Federal Government, and certainly makes the future homeowners who have calculated fixed with these promotions, rethink their construction projects. To interpret the impact of this early promotion stops for the industry, one must have studied not economy. It one can only hope that it comes to an increase in the funding available to smother the incentive to use renewable energy sources not in the bud. In times of rising ever higher energy prices, the Government should finally stand to their word and invest in the good thing and without batting an eyelid to pay not undiskutables management by banks and Governments. Markus Carsten Krauss