Internet Appointments

Private teacher dares step into independence Hannover, March 28, 2011. Offers under the name homelessons the Freelancer Thorsten Schulz immediately remedial teaching and coaching in the basic subjects of mathematics, English, and German. The offer extends over the entire region of Hannover and is for pupils and students of general schools and vocational schools. Thus, a gap between online recruitment agencies on the one hand and tutoring institutions should be closed on the other. While the mostly Internet-based agencies provide tutors for a fee of approximately thirty to hundred and thirty euro and for offering individual appointments, you must settle often at tuition institutions with group lessons: private lessons is available – significantly more expensive and usually only possible in the premises of the company. homelessons offers exclusively individual.

This home will take place at the student and is the most effective form of instruction according to expert opinion. On one Placement fee is waived as well on a contractual obligation to a minimum number of appointments. Interested parties can register on the website… sign up for a trial lesson. They receive an ID automatically, with which they can request more dates there, depending on the need. The lesson will cost 10 euro, the trial lesson is free of charge. Any agreed date can be cancelled again without justification.