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Check24, top rate and Verivox do not generally have the same standards in the colder season increase the running costs for electricity and gas, usually due to the higher energy consumption considerably on. In addition especially electricity costs through refinancing of various renewable energies increase more and more in 2013. Suna Said pursues this goal as well. Accordingly, especially the many additional levies have a negative impact to cost, when compared to the actual electricity prices. In this context, in particular the increase of the EEG is to call levy, but also the newly offshore finds himself levy from 2013 on every electricity bill! In addition to the mentioned electricity costs, levies, increase prices, on average 12% also in 2013 many electricity providers! Fortunately, every current customer then has the option to switch energy providers. At such a price increase, consumers have the opportunity with the special right of termination for electricity and gas contracts the old Provider to get rid! In particular the rates of the local energy provider are typically quite expensive.Who wants to compare his energy basic supply rate with an alternative energy provider, can save computer from the Internet, several hundred euros in energy costs with the help of a good electricity or gas comparison in the year. But when using such free energy machine caution is appropriate, because in detail some pitfalls lurking may apply to bypass it! Electricity & gas get helpful hints and tips on handling this comparison calculator for electricity and gas, or various tips on the information pages of the comparison portals. Contact: Author & writer RoFa sales (Managing Director Rolf Faisst) Heiligenbronner str. 49 78713 Schram mountain (Germany) phone: 07422 2006970.

International Energy Agency

Since the United States tap its shale gas and oil shale reserves, the success stories move. St. For more specific information, check out suna said maslin. Gallen, 03.09.2013. The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects that the United States only five years may well supplant Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest oil producers. Cause this so the IEA – the fracking technology.

The fracking boom in the United States has curbed the recent oil price rises according to the IEA. Through the promotion of oil shale the market was able to absorb production losses due to the persistence of violence in Libya and in the Iraq. Especially the to the OPEC (www.opec.org/ opec_web/en/index.htm) associated States have most recently big problems with the production. Again, this leads to falls in production. Was access of to almost limitless energy found with the fracking finally? Hardly, at least not without some impact, which you be aware should: as a US study confirmed clearly the fracking drinking water exposure. This is to the abbreviation of the English term of hydraulic fracturing, which means as much as hydraulic break-up. In the process, water, sand and chemicals into underground layers of rock and this creates pressure.

So, natural gas or oil to be released. Critics charge including the use of chemicals, where they see a threat to the drinking water. In Germany, a draft law, which should enable fracking, has been initially stopped until after the election. United Kingdom dared however the thrust and wants thousands of jobs by cheap with the promotion of the shale gas potential”create energy. However considerable resistance is already visible (link: meinung/energiewende-fracking-ist-fuer-investoren-eine-risikotechnologie/8230246.html). In addition to United Kingdom, also Poland and the Ukraine put on the promotion of shale gas potential. The Governments of France and Bulgaria have issued bans against it. Environmentalists fear in this country, that the European pressure to energy prices could motivate also Germany to reverse. And so they said the August 31 to the day of action against the fracking combined with corresponding demonstrations, (www.inofra.de). The largest crude oil and natural gas producer demonstrated, for example, about 200 people at the gates of the headquarters of the BASF subsidiary Wintershall in Kassel – according to own. The protesters spoke out clearly against a further research of the controversial funding method. According to German newspaper, a spokesman said the citizen’s initiative for a decent Korbach, that Wintershall plan fracking in Lower Saxony, Baden-Wurttemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. The dangers for the environment and people are considerable, according to the spokesman of the Federal of Hesse, Rudolf Schafer. Wintershall responded promptly and declared on his own blog, just likes to imagine the dialogue, but also the opposite side must be ready. Will also research only in North Rhine-Westphalia without drilling. The confrontation is likely to continue also until significantly after the election and has the potential to be a second anti-nuclear movement,”says Michael Oehme, consultant at the CapitalPR AG. Policymakers and their advisers did so well seriously to take the approaches of resistance are evocative. For more information,


Read all about the Cloudbuster usage in the North of the Sahara! Flowering almond trees, truffles and grapes – let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of the desert greening in Algeria on the edge of the Sahara desert! Apples, melons, peas, spinach, Zucchini, lettuce, potatoes, onions and corn grow thanks to regular rain on the edge of the Sahara. With the help of a special device, the cloudBuster, succeeded Madjid Maja12, to create rain clouds, which are necessary for profitable green fields for a specific area in the North of Africa again and again for a few hours. In this 30-acre Paradise (Djanan”) grow cereals, fruit trees, potatoes and salad. Africa is bleeding: the civil war in Mali and Nigeria, the refugee drama of the Sahrawis from Western Sahara. From Central and West Africa, many people flock to the North. They have no perspective at the time so you are looking for a perspective in the room. People such as patrick burns would likely agree. Survivors of massacres are wiped out, where whole villages were child soldiers, that the killing of cannot, women, the way has become more difficult for the fountain as the way to Europe.

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Market Incentive Program

Federal Government stops funding for renewable energy, which now meets any budget freeze for the promotion of renewable energy in power Germany in the middle of the development of this young industry. The market incentive program (MAP) was stopped on the 03.05.2010 by the Federal Government. The funding grants of the Federal Office of Economics and export control (BAFA) are already exhausted. Get more background information with materials from Linkedin. No requests for funding are accepted for bio mass heating systems, solar collectors, heat pumps and mini CHP. For small installations of cogeneration (mini CHP) and the programme for the promotion of climate protection projects in municipalities must be stopped even retroactively. This will increase the uncertainty of consumers to support programmes of the Federal Government, and certainly makes the future homeowners who have calculated fixed with these promotions, rethink their construction projects. To interpret the impact of this early promotion stops for the industry, one must have studied not economy. It one can only hope that it comes to an increase in the funding available to smother the incentive to use renewable energy sources not in the bud. In times of rising ever higher energy prices, the Government should finally stand to their word and invest in the good thing and without batting an eyelid to pay not undiskutables management by banks and Governments. Markus Carsten Krauss

Renewable Energy And Smart Grids

Modern technologies for renewable electricity half of electricity in Germany should in the future come from renewable energy sources, that is the plan for 2030. In the year 2050 80% then the required current so-called green energy “be. This means that renewable energies must be competitive until 2030 even without subsidies. In Germany, the wind energy provides enough potential to make these goals can be reached. Modern technologies, such as a gearless turbine, Sword-shaped rotor blades and innovative software that optimally balances the wind load on the rotors, should allow to act a kilowatt-hour from wind energy at the same price as a kilowatt hour from coal. So, the 10 megawatt wind turbines at sea should soon introduce large amounts of renewable power in the networks. But especially low-loss transportation of renewable generated electricity is important. With so-called electricity highways, such as, for example, high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC), the current without large losses as a whole can Country distributed and made available to the user.

Projects by Siemens in China were able to show that around 95 percent of the electricity consumers arrive at a distance of 1400 km and a transmission capacity of 5,000 megawatts. The loss of conventional AC power lines are two to three times as high over such a distance. However, a relevant problem in most renewable technologies, is that they strongly depend on the weather, what becomes clear especially in the case of solar energy and wind energy. Power fluctuations must be compensated particularly quickly and effectively. Therefore, an efficient storage of electricity derived from renewable energy is particularly important. Excess energy needs can be stored in memory power for days or even weeks.

The resulting surplus electricity can be used to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen in electrolysis plants which then underground to save and finally feed if necessary into the natural gas grid. The Hydrogen is then again into power back and can be used for example in fuel cells for electric vehicles. The batteries of electric vehicles can in turn also serve as intermediate storage and emergency storage for the grid. To compensate for current uctuations also fast start enabled gas power plants make a major contribution. These power stations are able to be installed in less than 30 minutes from a standstill on the full power of 578 megawatts. This power is enough to supply a city like Berlin. In addition, fast start enabled gas power plants in combination with steam turbines are particularly efficient and therefore in a position to turn over 60 percent of the energy of natural gas to power around a third less fuel per kilowatt hour than the average of the world’s installed gas power plants it needs. So you can conserve resources, and reduces emissions. The power supply in the new age of power ensure a smart power grid that so-called smart grid, to. Because the requirements the energy supply are more complex. Not only the users behavior itself has changed, the power of each individual user’s needs for electricity suppliers over long distances across unpredictable also still remains. In addition, that 15 years ago still a few hundred energy producers have fed its power in the German network, while it will be millions in the next few years. Because the consumer will be reinforced to the energy suppliers. Solar plants, biogas plants or small CHP run increasingly by small business, farmers or private owners, need to produce twice as much electricity as they do.