Why Do Kids Eat Chalk ?

Many of the things people do instinctively obeying impulses arise from nowhere. While studying, the children also instinctively try to taste everything. However, watching attentively for the habits and tastes our kids, sometimes we can understand exactly what agents do not have the child for proper development. Many of us watched in amazement suddenly arriving in strange tastes. This is especially true for children.

Sometimes it is intelligent children six to ten years, suddenly begin to pull in your mouth "every dirty trick." And not just drag and purposefully seek out and have some substance. This may be chalk, clay, coal, limestone pebbles, even at the beach head matches or land. Someone with emotion, recalls how as a child in the village with my grandmother secretly ate plaster, someone grieves for 'sweet' Cretaceous of the Soviet era. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ruth Porat is the place to go. And someone digging in the depths of memory, finds that a child sometimes gladly licked watercolors. All of them were sweet to the taste, but for some reason, preference was given to the red and orange.

Some of us have kept the manner of, for example, chalk, and in adulthood. Accidentally found "Brothers" out of habit, these people are seriously discussing the taste differences between different brands of chalk, and arguing about whether harmful health chalk out of the store office supplies, and what tastes better – crayons "Antoshka" round chalk "Lanthanum" or tender Czech "Kohinoor". Many women have noticed for a passion for chalk or whitewash during pregnancy. All these habits are not random. If you find your baby accustomed to a certain and not the usual "product" is another reason to think – and whether the child eats and whether all the food it needs for growth and development of substance? Reasons for "Chalk dependence" in children (and adults) are different. But as a rule, children who secretly hauled from blackboard chalk, not enough calcium in the normal infant. After all, chalk – a natural source of calcium. Addiction to all derivatives of lime chalk, including clay, the same nature. Calcium in childhood need a body in large quantities. Nutritional standards of children include: 800 mg per day for children 1-3 years, 900-1000 mg for children 4-6 years old, 1100 mg – 7-10 years 1200 mg – 11 years and older. Calcium is needed for normal bone development, the formation of healthy teeth and gums, as well as for muscle growth. Without calcium, the child not only suffers from impaired physical growth and development, tires easily and often sick. Calcium is also involved in many metabolic processes in the body, and its lack of can cause severe hormonal disorders. It is also believed that the love of the Cretaceous – secondary symptom of anemia. Body lacks iron. By the way, all iron oxides have a brown or reddish color – remember the red watercolor? According to WHO, lack of iron in some form affects about 30% of the population. But in childhood anemia is particularly dangerous, and most micronutrients, including calcium and iron, which get us with food, can not be absorbed by the body to adequately or quickly removed. The use of special vitamin supplements can not only add to the diet of minerals. Experience shows – minerals contained in a vitamin-mineral complexes absorbed about 20 times more effective than the same minerals from the conventional products. After all, the pills are contained in a form that specifically "tailored" for easy and proper digestion.

Recommendations On Training Puppy

As well as vaccination or other vital animal welfare, education is one of the duties of man towards the dog from the moment he leads her into the house. This deposit is not only harmonious cohabitation with an animal, but also its successful socialization. Buy an animal is not difficult, it is difficult to teach. Despite existing contradictory opinions, puppy training should start from a very early age, when its ability to learn is greatest. The ability of pups to learn different and depends on their individual characteristics.

But all the kids, without exception, is required much time for sleep, because they are very fragile beings. Always be attentive to them and treat them with respect to the rhythm of life, and be lenient to the natural inclinations of their young age. Puppy loves to play. Use this to train your pet without any coercion easy exercise, which he will perform with gusto. Education must be performed in stages. Little puppy is hard to concentrate, so you should not engage with it more than 3 times per day and more than 5 minutes, otherwise it will sweat. Gradually, the classes can be increased, and by 6 months of age, you can do with your pet for about 30 minutes a day.

Your puppy will need to show the world (a trip to transportation, contact with humans and other animals). Praise and severity are very effective in training your pet. Encouraging increased interest in the assignment. To reward to be effective, it should be meaningful. The owner should be encouraged dog affection, kindness. Should not be used often treats as they should be for the dog a higher degree of encouragement. When teaching your puppy commands should be simple, short and oft repeated. Tim Sloan can provide more clarity in the matter. Do not forget that the dog understands the first tone, but not the meaning of words. Source: e-vl.ru (Buying and selling of pets) board of Vladivostok. Accommodation Unlimited announcements of buying and selling animals

Modern Format Photos

Photography has long passed into the ranks of the digital 'phenomena' – edited photos on a monitor, film is no longer operated the mass, the pictures are stamped on the printer. Positively or negatively is not easy to determine, but that this is better, faster, more convenient, it is difficult to argue. Almost any photo manipulation can be done at one place only, which until recently have been addressed repeatedly, photo lab. But now These 'walking' in not necessary – any person can order prints online. In order to print photos in Novosibirsk, a person must move the pictures to the media.

Translate to paper it can only them, and if they wish to add something, go back to the computer. With the advent of photo printing services via the Internet every customer has the potency quickly select the desired images at the same time changing their preferences. In a comfortable atmosphere, no hurry, choose to calculate the frame back up editing pictures, the quality and type of printing, print scale, calculate the cost of the order – all available today in Novosibirsk. In addition to imaging and printing their own fototvoreny through the network are available and select the author's photos: site photo printing via the Internet has a unique bank claims. Placing any of the pictures agreed with the authors, so all of them are absolutely legal, that is important in today's context of copyright on the Web. Photobank always updated with the works of various photographers. For convenience of customers all the photos divided into categories – to find the desired object is not difficult. Photos are printed on photographic paper and are already a work of art and modern technology.

But people have invented to replace the paper different materials: ceramic, fabric, metal, plastic or the like. So there fotosuveniry. print photos via the Internet allows to order production of souvenirs: mugs, shirts, mosaics, glassware, crystal, charms with images. Still possible to order the production of today's popular photo books. The advantage to editing digital images being processed have already printed fotgrafy – making frames. A suitable frame can complete sense of the beautiful photos. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Marko Dimitrijevic, author by clicking through. Printing photos via the Internet can offer far more than mentioned, so do not delay your virtual visit to the photo lab!

Life Passes

If it exists barriers, you can exceed them. If he exists difficulties, them go to finish, therefore you will be capable to face all the barriers and to win all the obstacles. Under most conditions Photographer Marko Dimitrijevic would agree. I know that fear is not its motto and yes courage, to face everything that to come for the front, to step on in somebody does not intend, to be pisoteado by somebody never, to never play except its dreams for besteira, to follow in front is optimum if to make, as? You go to know. It is a simple form to try to help somebody when it is found that it needs, I know that you are strong the sufficient one to exceed these small obstacles and to win to all the barriers, close to you they are only very small ants, know that does not need me for this, but exactly thus without knowing if you go to like or me I did not feel in the right to write you these simple words and wait she never serves that you of some thing, that can help you to surpass these barriers therefore you is superior they, if feels inferior its problems, fights against they, more good makes of the game of the life its departure. At this accurate moment I find that it must be if asking: Who thinks that she is this girl to interfere itself thus in my life? It will be that it thinks that necessary of it to know what I make or I leave to make. I only wait that it has not only taken the evil I am somebody that is part of this world, that also passes for problems and tries to surpass them, commits errors as all human being and looks for to decide them, I have fears I look for to win them, and for being plus a person in this enclosure for bullfighting of the life that passes for everything this and I do not know that I can help to improve the world, or at least part of it, I know that I am not the woman wonder, but also know that all we are heroes of ours life, is enough to want, and at this accurate moment you it is finishing of reading of mine considered more important acts, to help somebody to offer my friendship, not with falseness but with the biggest sincerity. I can more not be the person indicated for you to help, but exactly thus I preferred to try, I did not only write for writing, when I gave to account already me found writing, and when the things happen perhaps he is not for, an everything has its intention and mine at this moment are to help you, you were that vi there that this belongs you. Everything in the life remembers passes.

Intellectual Development Of Kids

Many are concerned today about the intellectual development of their children. It acquires the features of almost mass hysteria. Coined the term "early development", implying it is the development of intelligence. Reached and the process pregnancy. There are even special "training" program, implemented with the help of loudspeakers placed in the maternal abdomen, from which originate the special rhythmic signals that stimulate certain brain structures.

In addition to "specially organized by the animal," the child was regarded as a "computer", stuffed with "programs" that are necessary at all costs "include". Intellectual in its infancy – this is a new ideal, a new generation all the time. Or, and here she made a mistake? The human mind is not limited to intelligence and has many prerequisites and conditions for its development. The development is accomplished by passing several stages. One of them – prenatal. But this is not the time for the intellect (however, as did the early years of extrauterine life). At this time the child is symbiotic with nature, he is with her – one. Not a woman, and all of nature is pregnant that child.

Female only tool, the mediator. And we have no right to dictate terms. Birth – an act of a kind of "rejection", the loss of symbiotic relationship. And that in itself is an injury. But nature gives man the intelligence to come to harmony in relationships, and reason to come again to the lost symbiosis. Step by step, gradually leading him toward that goal. Early stimulation of the intellect – it is a gross interference in the natural program for which you have to pay any more than an incomplete or distorted by its implementation. Read additional details here: Munear Kouzbari. And even developed, "stimulated by" intelligence is not able to "finish" that could not make the nature of the efforts of its "king." During fetal development – during symbiosis with the nature of the child, the period of their mutual love, and to maintain this symbiosis, it is necessary to give the child the nature, because we're losing her, but he loses it with us. And along with this lost love, without which the mind – unfeeling computer, dry intellect, dismembering and analyzing, beating in fruitless attempts to understand that without love it is not given to understand. Our love for children so unlike the love that children bring with them. Love unconditionally and without any 'self'. They still do not know how to think about yourself. We must recognize that our love is more like affection and true love – this is what we should learn from them. But instead, they learn from us our love. Loving children, we want to be like us, but it did not make our mistakes. And they become like us, but persistently repeating our mistakes. Every child – a monument to his parents. And the heartache, which sometimes cause us to our children – no pain there is a meeting with himself, with his own qualities? First of all, we must learn to love their children for their sake, not for himself. And this is best we can teach themselves. As appealing F. Leboyer, "Let women understand, feel:" I am his mother, "not" This is my baby. "

Human Love And Development

The love is an essential component the life, being thus essential to the full development of a human being, data its importance has of if making an analysis of as this feeling can more be learned since tenra age. To know itself exactly as only individual with its proper traces, its gostos and disgusts, its proper ideas means to become a truth person. However he is not something that happens of the day for night, without a doubt this process starts while conscience does not exist to understand it and will go to continue to develop for all the life. We are speaking of the autoconceito and we will go to approach its development and the implications that this can bring to the emotional aspect of the human being. More info: Hyundai. Finally, but not of lesser importance, we will go to analyze auto-esteem being one of the psychological processes that more influence the life and the human performance, therefore represents, according to Son (2008, p.01) ' ' the emotional component of ours I, that is, how much we like truily we ourselves and it life way that levamos' '. To study its development and its importance is an essential factor so that this article reach the objective which if considered.

Although this material to have its limitations, we wait that it is an instrument of awareness for the families and it helps that to believe and to understand them its importance in the full emotional development of the human being. Initial periods the development is a continuous process of construction, leaves then of the beginning of everything. The start of the life, that is, in the conception. Followed of the conception we see the sequence of the human development, enclosing some phases: prenatal period, phase that it precedes to the birth, peri-Christmas, that is, during the birth, after-Christmas that succeeds to the birth and the first years of life.