Small Business

Technological advances in foreign countries in the field of manufacturing a compact and mobile equipment cleaning of reservoirs from siltation and silt disposal to retrieve it possible to use it by analogy to extraction and processing of sapropel as a raw material for production of environmentally friendly fertilizers, feed additives, cosmetic and medicinal raw materials. The tests of the universal amphibious dredger Truksor DM 4700V Swedish firm Dorotea Mekaniska AB together with a set of attachments gives reason for its effective use of the lake deposits of therapeutic sapropel, dense and viscous mud bottom at a depth of up to 1.6 m. The efforts of the firm maintain its superiority in this area is now concentrated on increasing the depth of extraction to 2.4 m or more. The first car of this class with extended depth of silt fence is expected in 2009 when the diesel engine power 27.2 hp. pump suspension-type equipment Dredgepump 2500 Truksor DM 4700V allows you to extract up to 30 m3 per hour of sapropel and move it to floating flexible pipe at a distance of more than 50 m. Manages the mining process by one person. The equipment is certified by the European Committee. Interest in this technology among the Russian small business is not random: dredge is easy to operate, mobile, himself moved by water, land, swamp.

Does not require installation and disassembly when moving from one lake to another. In Russia, a representative of the company, ensuring its timely delivery, customs clearance, provision of necessary components and repair sites. To control equipment does not require special skills and permits. Cycle for the lake sapropel deposits include the development of embankments, construction of an entrance and piers in the water, cleaning algae and grass clean water surface of twigs, roots and trunks of fallen trees, and another …. Coupler for such operations carried out by one person for no more than 20 minutes.

The cost is available to employers and farmers. So in 2008 the basic set of equipment does not exceed the cost of 81,000 euros. Payback Truksor DM 4700V in industrial patterns of production and processing of sapropel fertilizer no more than 3 or 5 years. To work on the lake sapropel deposit required production schedules or project. The project is coordinated with the local authorities, environmental management, etc. On the basis of his permit is issued for water use and ensured the profitability of the business from the start of production to processing and packaging. Projects and small businesses supplying equipment to the Centre of sapropel ( Normal deadlines set of works from 1.5 to 2.5 months. Small projects under production include a description of technology of work and estimated cost of the data on equipment specifications, the unit cost of production, the timing return on the company, its profitability, energy, staffing. Beautiful results show complex Truksor DM 4700V containers onshore dewatering geotube firm TenCate, especially in the production of therapeutic and cosmetic sapropel sapropel raw material. This eliminates the complex storage-settling tanks for freezing raw materials, mechanical obezvozhivateli (separators, centrifuges, decanters) A similar Russian equipment is not made. The products manufactured by small business with the equipment and materials: granular and bulk fertilizer, feed additives, vitamin sapropel-feeding, highly viscous mud, medical and veterinary applications, cosmetic cheese. 2008