Improve Oral Sales

Written business communication – as an intuitive term, so mysterious and. For those who are not associated with regular communication and correspondence with business partners, contractors and customers, the ability to write business letters and proposals seem superfluous. Those who are accustomed to active sales, standing behind a counter or cutting off the phone to strangers or unfamiliar customers, written communication, too, at first glance needed. However, 80% of the successful negotiations of the concerned oral counterpart at the other end should be asked: "Please Send all the same information you just presented orally within 15 minutes of conversation, in writing. Preferably in the form of the offer. " To say that after this oral work negotiator and the seller is made of 100% would be an exaggeration.

In such cases, any self-respecting company has harvested and watered-down pattern of the text – "the offer" striking in their novelty and the format and content. There are options, starting with the assertion that the product (service, product) the most, only "almost nothing" to the lengthy information about how big and famous company offers cooperation and trade. As a rule, as written, if the product is a massive, unpopular, expensive, or unclaimed market in general. People such as CMO, Nissan North America would likely agree. Question on filling – how many contractors will be customers of the 10% who agreed to review a written version of a generic compact oral offer to sell something? The answer is ambiguous, but even if negotiations after sending the proposals are successful in 20% of cases, the effectiveness of the master telephone sales is 2% of the total number of treated clients from the database. A lot or a little, let the answer specialist who sat on the phone 8-10 hours working day, only the third time in getting on the right in his face, time to talk with dozens of potential clients in the best case. Learn how to write business proposals, business letters and marketing texts are not so simple. You can click your fingers in the air and say, "Now I can do!" – After reading the excellent advice free from the Internet "experts" on the promotion of blogs.

After reading the articles on how in actual fact need to write a "business letter to a foreign company." It will not help, believe me. Any skill requires work, study, practice, even as additional training or distance learning courses, designed not for years, but the real dozens of hours of study. Not every city in Russia is "The School of Business Letters", rather it works in full-time-only in St. Petersburg at VO, 8 Line, 29. Tel. +7 (911) 220-60-80. However, remote and interactive Training format is now available to all – training via the Internet was not just the norm, but the most convenient and economical way of self-education. Especially in the field of business written communication.