Buying Lumber

I am continuing my series of articles devoted to business in the forestry sector. With a wealth of experience and knowing the situation in the forestry business, Kirov, Novgorod region, Udmurtia, Perm Territory, I can not imagine allow a general analysis of the situation and give general advice, and listen to them or not, this is your case. So, you decided to do forestry businesses. Carried out monitoring of its market, or find buyers abroad are not matter much, because you decided that you can buy lumber producers have cheap and sell expensive. You're right, it can be done is the same business as the salt trade. And, as with any business, there is a number " pitfalls, which I will try to introduce you.

So the first thing. Lumber is not a brick, no one rainy day does not produce a sawing only under the contract or order, as He very quickly become useless. After lying on the street a couple of weeks, any board becomes marketable and sell it very problematic. So, if you call the sawmill or timber, and you said that just such a board is available and you have to do to pay for and pick up something Be ready for that or or rejection of the sold lot. Of course, there are cases when someone ordered a batch of boards, he produced it, and he could not redeem it, then this board is embarking on an implementation, but it happens very rarely.