Proposed special tax

Proposed special tax regimes for SMEs The director of the Department of Business Studies at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Jorge Smeke Zwaiman, ruled by creating special tax regimes for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), to enable them to cope with difficult economic conditions. The specialist said in a statement that increasing taxes in Mexico have arrested the domestic market and has caused more suffering in business, and although they have managed to lower interest rates, this benefit does not reach the micro and small businesses since because of the risk they pose no access to credit. He explained that the only companies with credit facilities are coupled to achieve supply chain of some exporters. Dennis Carey Zwaiman Smeke noted that the increase in petrol as the primary input in various sectors, will cause an initial shock that you will not have greater impact because inflation is reasonably under control. However, he explained, is an increase that to a compressed internal market can not be transmitted to the final price and companies will have to absorb it, “to be seen how much they can do and how many do not.” The academic predicted that this year will be complicated in that while the economy will not fall as in 2009, are also chances of recovery leading companies to feel substantial relief. He added that exports to be the engine of the Mexican economy, the main problem is and will be the revival of the domestic market will be achieved when you create jobs in sufficient numbers and quality, which is required for investment and structural reforms, improved security and a better business environment. According to the specialist, to achieve the above economic policies are needed medium and long term “and even transexenales” to create productive investment that people have money and access to products, but “no economic policies that actually lead us to see a consolidated internal market “. He added that to achieve its revitalization, small and medium companies will have flow of money through sales or be in serious trouble by not having room to maneuver, or access to large lines of credit or financial markets. The poor sales of SMEs, he said, are those that led to unemployment, since it comes more from the small and medium businesses that have closed in Mexico. That urgency of cash flow and inability to grasp through credit requires the development of different tax systems for small and medium enterprises, he said. rcr Note on: Bbc