In recent days went Lux Interior of The Cramps beast, Blossom Dearie, delicious Mewlips who knew what was being admired by Miles Davis and Norman Granz (obviously the latter because several of his albums appeared on the seal Verve), today returned to the scene Magazine, who still proudly possess several LPs (including a bootleg by any measure: a double album recorded at Paradise Ballroom Boston), I learned that a friend has a jazz program at network, in these days I’m reading a gathering of essays by Gary Giddins, if much has given me ears to hear jazz with cleaner, is now doing a task similar to assessing silent films, and also premiered today in my office French coffee (or piston, then, to not sound so snobbish) … Too many events to keep quiet. But within hours they will return with more calm here.Meanwhile, if you do not know Blossom, give it here and here, and download the themes that these bloggers offer. The song dedicated to Georgie Fame take it with caution … is a beauty that knocks. And in tribute to Dearie, the lyrics of one of its most emblematic songs (which he blatantly plagiarized Nacha Guevara with the title “I’m a snob”). I’m hip (Bob Dorough / Dave Frishberg) I’m hip I’m no square I’m alert I’m awake I’m aware I am always on the scene Makin ‘the rounds Diggin ‘the sounds I read Playboy magazine ‘Cause I’m hip I dig I’m in step When it was hip to be hep, I was hep I do not blow but I’m a fan Look at me swing Ring a ding ding I even call my girlfriend man I’m so hip Every Saturday night With my suit buttoned tight And my suede on I’m gettin ‘my kicks Watching arty French flicks With my shades on I’m too much I’m a gas I am anything but middle class When I hang around the band Poppin ‘my thumbs Diggin ‘the drums Squares do not seem to understand Why I flip