Productivity Productivity is

Productivity Productivity is the ratio of output produced by a production system and resources used for such production. It can also be defined as the ratio between results and the time used to obtain: the shorter the time it takes to get the desired result, more productive the system. In fact productivity must be defined as the efficiency indicator that relates the amount of product used with the amount of output produced. In the area of professional development is called productivity (P) to the economic index that relates the production resources used for such production, expressed mathematically as: P production / resource productivity evaluates the ability of a system to develop products that are required because both the extent to which leverage the resources used, ie, value added . Increased productivity by using the same resources or producing the same goods or services resulting in greater profitability for the company.Therefore, the management system as the company tries to increase productivity. Productivity goes with the improvement of the system of quality management and thanks to this quality system can prevent quality defects and improve product quality standards of the company without reaching the end user. Productivity is related to production standards. If these standards are improved, then there is a savings that are reflected in the increase of utility.