Microsoft SharePoint

As a result, the companies will put a higher focus on streamlined implementation projects at the ECM solutions in their requirements and providers ask that their system philosophy to create appropriate conditions for a poor effort and faster usage. 3. a new wave of digitization in the company is imminent, which expands the market potential for ECM solutions: it is now the phenomenon that occurs in growing measure the so-called digital native generation as an employee in the company. They maintain a very comprehensive approach to digital media and will bring higher demands on the electronic infrastructure in the farms. Solely on the basis of these impulses can be expected a new wave of digitization. It is worn in addition thereof, that is during the digital past years Develop part of strategies in process management and to a mandatory program for the company: the dynamic change of function-oriented towards – electronically controlled – process-oriented structures in the company produces inevitably greater demands on electronic access to documents and content along the business and case processing procedures. Otherwise there would be significant media breaks, reflected negatively in the process quality and processing speed.

Thus ECM in modern concepts of organization learns a significant higher strategic value since the workflow targeting of these solutions actively supported a general process orientation. 6 open source solutions for document and content management will remain a marginal phenomenon: Although the whole open source world has a growing acceptance among professional users, on the other hand remain significant disadvantages facing the lure through savings in the licenses. These include in particular functional Limits, integration barriers and missing liabilities with regard to the technical development. This also applies the open source offerings geared to ECM, why they provisionally not likely to affect the market of standard solutions. 7 Microsoft SharePoint will be a growing acceptance and dissemination as a basis for DMS applications: users tend increasingly to a uniform technological basis.