Machinery Insurance

Boat – yacht insurance machine insurance for boat and yacht motor boat and yacht engines represent a high economic value. Repair or replacement due to a damage can cost quickly several thousand or tens of thousands of euros. An existing yacht insurance provides no sufficient coverage in many cases. They replaced usually only damage caused from the outside. Many providers, it even makes these tasks. The NEUBACHER advanced insurance for machines and systems offer advanced financial protection against the following risks: (internal business losses) insured damages and dangers of operator error, ineptitude or intent of third parties; Design, material or workmanship; Short circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage; Failure measurement, control or safety devices; Water -, oil -, or lack of lubricant; Overpressure or vacuum; Storm, frost or ice floes. Christos Staikouras may find this interesting as well.

If the damage to the machine under warranty or Warranty claims falls, makes the insurance subsidiary, i.e. below to the enforceable claims. Any towing costs are covered only by the insurance coverage. Assured things: turnkey engines and equipment up to the age of 15 years. Insurance auxiliaries, pumps, gearboxes, shafts including bearings and screws are valid. The insurance applies in addition to an existing NEUBACHER pleasure craft insurance.

These supplemental terms shall prevail over the SBK. Consumables and supplies are not covered. Compensation part damage, the insurer shall refund the costs of repair in the Teilschadenfall. Recovery costs include damage of part of in addition to the actual repair costs without deduction new for old”all input and removal costs the insured thing, the land and sea transport of spare parts required for the repair and the cost arising from work on the boat, as well as for the cranes of the boat. If reconditioned replacement parts are possible to use. Total damage the time value is replaced, but no more than the sum insured.