History The

History The University of the Pacific, was established on 28 February 1962. Listed as its founders: Juan Pardo Heeren, East Enrique Alvarez-Calderon, Federico Costa Laurent Garratt, Jorge Ferrand I URRITEGUI Romulo Ferrero Rebagliati Gautterin James Freeborn, Charles Mariotti Cattaneo, Henry and Philip Novak Wurish Thorndike Beltran. That same year, in March the administrative activities begin in April and the first classes are held in a small shop located in downtown Lima. In 1963, the Jesuits took over the University with regard to administrative and academics. In 1965 the activities of the UP move to premises located in the district of Jesus Maria, which plays to present. In 1969, he created the management and economics courses as independent studies. In 1971 he founded the Research Center of the University of the Pacific (CIUP). In 1973 he created the Center for Business Management Consulting. In 1975 he created the curriculum of accounting and the Fondo orial.In 1978 he created the Graduate School, taking as its first program in the MBA. In 1987 he created the Center for Management Development at the University of the Pacific. In 1993 he created the Language Center at the University of the Pacific. New york . In 2000 he created the Center for Management and Business Development (CGDN). In 2008 it established two faculties: Law and Business Engineering.