Drop-Shipping – General Excluding Equity Based Mail Order And Warehousing

The term "Drop Shipping" comes from the American language and is also known as "direct" with the wholesalers. Example: A customer orders a computer in your shop after payment. Now you just wait for the receipt of money from the customer. Upon receipt of the amount you order the goods by the wholesaler, who then shipped the goods to your customer. Benefits as a shop owner: 1 No equity needed 2nd no storage is required now, there was hardly any German wholesalers who offer this service. This mail-order business is therefore ideal for start-ups, do not have the appropriate capital! The author Curt luminaire has released after intense research and inquiries with wholesalers an ebook on this subject (with German wholesaler addresses) who offer this service. More info about this ebook, visit the following page: www.leuchmedia.de Free information for new businesses, please visit the following sites: www.existenzgruender-verzeichnis.de