Wellness Weekends

The concept of wellness is aimed primarily at the well-being and good physical condition. Especially in stressful everyday situations, long body and mind for a balance, for relaxation and tranquility. Spa here offers a variety of applications that can restore your inner balance. Very relaxing spa weekends here act, which offered by various hotels, but also from health clinics and public beaches. This offer includes both in the sauna, as well as various massages and conscious, delicious food. Spa weekends should be best spent in a beautiful environment to seek harmony with nature and to resolve emotional blocks through specific movement. Walks in the woods or by the sea bring mind and body moving again and provide time for reflection. The movement promotes the metabolism and selectively supplies the body with oxygen, so that it can breathe again. Treading water and walk barefoot also affect blood circulation, which strengthens the circulation and prevent diseases.Spa weekends but also provide mental relaxation method, which are particularly suitable for occupationally stressed-out people. Methods are the autogenic training, meditation and yoga. These exercises are designed to contribute specifically to the wholeness of people and thus bring mind, body and soul. Many people are so enthusiastic about the exercises that they will be incorporated into everyday life and another yoga class is demonstrated. For wellness weekends, guests can also leave pampered once. Massages, in the sauna or various beauty treatments are among them. Women and men also pamper yourself with a massage or facial scrubs, and then again feel young and fresh. Massages are probably the most ancient medicines of the people. It includes not only different handles, loosen the muscles and connective tissues, thus promoting the general welfare. In connection with essential oils, the massage works holistically and includes the soul with this book. Spa weekends may at any travel agency orbe posted directly on the Internet.