Specimen of Poa pratensis is a perennial herb, growing from 3 to 6 dm (occasionally up to 9) high. Leaf narrow-linear, 2 cm long and 3-5 mm wide, smooth or slightly rough, rounded to truncate ligule 1-2 mm long. Flowers in panicles 1-2 cm long, conical, with their bases with 3-5 branches spikelets oval, green, 3-6 mm long, with 2-5 flowers. Separated by rhizomes and tillers and forms a dense turf. The shoots (rhizomes and tillers) occur mainly in spring and late summer. During late spring and summer, the buds grow straight and vertical, while in early spring become more lying. During the winter months a few new leaves are produced. Most rhizomes, however, become under the soil surface as outbreaks of other rhizomes. The rhizomes can branch multiple times during the year.The lifetime of individual rhizomes commonly extends two growing seasons to be the total lifetime of a rhizome and their terminal is usually less than two years.