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Phoenix ancient art So who came up with the idea of painting as well We must go to the 1920s, during which the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky began the movement of abstract art. He wanted his works represent something quite different from what had been painted before. That will give you an example of one of his compositions, entitled Yellow, red, blue, painted in 1925. Kandinsky’s intention in his abstract work was able to reflect the feelings and impressions or stimuli leave the viewer and encourage moods. Kandinsky paintings sought to arouse emotions in the viewer the same way that music evokes different moods in those who listen.So according to his theory, lines, colors, circles, straight and curved shapes that are so recurrent in his works, transmit different sensations who sees them. At least this was the intention of Kandinsky and other abstract artists. For example, point and line, by size, color, and as distributed in the table denote different meanings. The small circles denote less cumbersome than large ones. Curved lines, thin and thick down above mean freedom. Cool colors like blue and violet give the feeling of lightness, while warm, like yellow, giving the feeling of heaviness.We definitely can not draw a story in an abstract painting, because the intention is to create a work that evokes feelings, they tell us a story or containing a specific topic. Some people enjoy art for this very abstract, and there are those who do not find the meaning as a work of art. And what do you think of this