Each week bacter! to OP! NA publishes a collectable sticker of our “GOVERNMENT WASTE” I asked permission to create an album with these stickers and BACTERIA very cordially said yes, so this is the album Page 3 – Page 1 – Page 2 17.Luis Guillermo Giraldo, who promoted the presidential referendum should be left to explain where billions nine hundred millions of dollars being spent in this signature collection for the second re-election of lvaro Uribe V lez, this embolat accounting, accounting records are not of Colombia First, a firm that made the greatest contributions to the project, but no one knows where it is, if not the direction they have, no phone, nothing, when asked if he knows the exact location is Colombia first, Giraldo said which may be totally unaware headquarters, besides the companies have tapped DMG company financed the collection of signatures for referendum re-election as the representative denounced Talero Germain Navas, Navas said that the promoters of the referendum, the U Party, received Free support Transval Company (Armored), which is a member of the DMG, to carry the forms to collect signatures in support of the nationwide referendum.Transvaal, which records Chamber of Commerce is a member of DMG, according to Navas, also carried the forms from each of the municipalities in the country to host the U Party in Bogota and was then responsible for carrying the bulky load of signatures to the National Registry of Civil Status. He further noted that another subsidiary of DMG, Provitec also support the collection of signatures. The company said the congressman, was recently sanctioned by the government for illegal transportation of currency, to a multi incaut rsele cash sum in a small plane owned airport in Manizales and Luis Guillermo Giraldo, who acts as spokesman signers must explain to the country. 18.GOVERNMENT WASTE: It also binds to these events, and wish that next year is not full of corruption, of rats (indecent politicians), no fuss, and finally down the ignorance in this country that already reaches 84 . (Original comment bacter! To OP! NA) 19.The picture says it all, change their constitution, (presumably the most sacred of a nation), as they want and literally wipe their ass with it, this only happens in this government waste. 20.