Against the mistreatment of greyhounds in Spain

REMOVE THE SHELTER REQUESTS LEAVE A Greyhound hanged to protest against the hunters who mistreat animals the protective association of El Refugio took a greyhound today hanged in the town of Toledo Sonseca to the headquarters of the Ministry Environment and Rural and Marine to demand the withdrawal of licensed hunters who abuse their own animals, which, according to a survey supported the 86 percent of Spaniards. Thus, the survey cited Ikerfell for organization, to question do you think should be pursued and remove the hunting license for people who love dogs locked up, tied and stacked (Rehal) ‘, 14 per cent showed against prosecuting and removing them hunting license. Thus, the survey concludes that a large majority of respondents (86 percent) agree to penalize hunters who mistreat their animals. Furthermore, the percentage increases for women (89 percent) and people aged 45 to 54 years (94 percent). By geographical area, 98 percent of canaries and 96 percent of the people of Madrid are the ones who most support the idea of withdrawing the license of hunters who mistreat their dogs. On the opposite side are located Castilla-La Mancha and the Balearic Islands, with 78 percent. With these data, volunteers from El Refugio today deployed two banners with the slogans “are licensed hunters to kill animals” and one with the photograph of a recently hanged in Sonseca greyhound (Toledo) who cited “not to murder.” Moreover, precisely the body of the greyhound was placed on a black sheet in front of a hunter who emulated trigger it. According to the president of El Refugio, Nacho Paunero, thousands of dogs used for hunting live strapped, overcrowded, in deplorable conditions and many die hanged. “This is the reality in Spain. We want the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine urging all the autonomous communities to tight control of dogs used for hunting” rivets. The Refuge is a nonprofit organization whose main activities are the prevention and reporting of neglect and mistreatment of animals, the management of animal adoption center left and the campaigns of awareness-raising. Source: europapress