Buenos Aires

The law is very broad and in this order of ideas, it is clear that important and novel issues has been included in the law as it is by the way the notarial principles, which are little known in Peruvian law, within which we can cite the principle of enforceability, which should be a subject of study in a very careful way by judges and prosecutors, which brings as a consequence we all must respect the notary public faith, and in any case studies also feeding concerns as they are by the way different types of public faith. The being more important that indicated, as indeed is the notary public faith, which has developed in an appropriate manner in the notarial legal family of Latin type systems. We also developed in this work we have been doing the notary systems, which according to majority doctrine are: Anglo-Saxon and Latin, however, there is also the system of an administrative nature, in which notaries receive permanent part of State salary and in this order of ideas is clear that this is important, proper and desirable and recommended for remote places in which notaries have low-incomecompared with the occurring in large cities as it is the case of Lima, Buenos Aires, Madrid, among many others. However, some notaries of Lima have meagre income, which brings as a consequence seeking other income which distracts your work. Also includes issues relating to the registration qualification of judicial documents allowing to have knowledge of important issues within the registry law and in any case is not a makeshift work, but that Peruvian law is the first work that develops this theme as it is by the way a dictionary on this important topic. Another theme that is developed or being developed are registry principles, among which we can cite the case of praying, legality, public faith registration, legitimation, priority, exclusive priority, priority of rank, causality, inatacababilidad, among many others, which vary in each country, and this occurs not only on legislation, but on all the sources of the law. In any case due to lack of time only develop the most important. It hopes that this work is completed and published within a few years and it is our authoring, which brings as a consequence that it has become a challenge, that time is short to investigate.